Monday, March 17, 2014

st. paddy's parade

We're always game for a parade.  Bands playing music as they walk?  Genius.  Indecipherable floats made from drunken college students?  Even better.  Dum dums and tootsie rolls tossed from stranger's hands to your children?  Perfection.  I know.  But it all adds up to a good time, every time.  So we all dressed in green and headed downtown last Saturday for a good time.  It was sunny and warm, and we all got a little too much sun.  And then yesterday we got a few inches of snow and it was freezing!  Hey March.  You're nuts.
 Brian loaned out a couple of his kilts to our friend's teenage son and his friend.  They had a great time with all the girls coming up to compliment them, ha!  But Rowan kept a close watch and held his hand to make sure there weren't too many shenanigans.
 At one point I looked up and Fletcher was chowing down on a hot dog.  A hot dog?  I have no idea where the mystery hot dog came from.  Apparently someone handed out hot dogs instead of candy.  Which is weird.
We stayed a long time, went to the festival afterwards, and rushed home just in time to throw a loaf of soda bread in the oven and hurry off to a party.  It was a fun, tiring day.  I think I'm still recovering!  Hope you all enjoy your St. Paddy's Day today!  I'll raise a pint for you and toast to your health, friends.



  1. I love the way you and Brian are socializing your children. Love it.
    Multiple kilts with some to spare, hot dog face, gorgeous eyed girl, fun times abound!
    Happy St. Paddy's Day, friend!

  2. Can't wait to see Fletcher in a mini-kilt of his own! XOXO

  3. Your fam looks so cute decked out for St. Paddy's Day! The hot dog thing scares me a little. ;)

  4. Awesome that you guys had such a great celebration! There is no way I would be brave enough to bring the kids to the parade here in Boston... I've been and it's just too nutso for me :) It does look like fun though, and those little braids on Rowan, too much!

  5. Hahaha!! I laughed out loud at the mysterious hot dog-- too funny! Wonderful pictures- you are all so photogenic in green (and any other color for that matter)!

  6. Omg, first of all, I love Rowan's shirt. It's amazing. As is her entire outfit. But that seems pretty standard for her. ;) Secondly, Fletcher is going to break a lot of girls' hearts when he gets to high school. Love your family!


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