Wednesday, March 19, 2014

nature mobile

Let's face it.  Unless you're in Florida or California, this winter has been a bit of a beast!  Full disclosure: I enjoy winter and I love snow, so I'm not exactly hurting here.  But we do feel a bit restless from more days spent inside than out.  So when the temperatures warmed up this week, we took lots of walks and played outside for hours.  It feels like Spring!  But it doesn't really look like it... yet.

On our walk today I took a bag and had the littles gather anything that they thought looked like Spring. It was a little sad.  Some brown oak leaves, pine cones, and twigs don't exactly scream SPRING IS HERE!!!  So I threw in a few dried flowers when we got home, pulled out some left over gold sticks from Christmas, and decided we'd make mobiles for their rooms.  I just used black twine to tie our treasures to the gold sticks.  And I let them choose what they wanted on their own mobile.  They had fun directing what would go where, and argued a bit over whose pine cone was whose.  For the record, the pine cone covered in bird poop wasn't wanted by anyone.  And of course I didn't notice until it was all over my hands.  Blech.
 They were so proud of their mobiles!
 And they took their time choosing the perfect spot for them to be hung in their rooms.
 So they don't exactly evoke Spring in a huge way, but they do reflect what it looks like around our neck of the woods right now.  We were pretty happy to see tulip leaves peeking out in our front flower bed, though.  Come on over Spring!  We're ready!


  1. What a sweet idea! And they do look so proud!

  2. These are extremely cute and such a fun dabble in creativity using nature! I love how proud of their work they are! I think this early exposure to so much art and crafting is just wonderful! Future etsy shop owners?? :) You guys rock!

  3. This is the best idea! So adorable! We still have a fair bit of snow, but I'm sure there must be some little things we can gather around here...maybe. ;)

  4. Fun mom alert! These are cute. If I let Sam pick up anything off the ground these days, it's rocks. The child can't get enough. And I imagine that would be more of a rudimentary scale than a pretty spring mobile. ;)


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