Friday, July 15, 2011

the things he says

Having a 3 year old is infinitely entertaining.  Here are some nuggets of Fletchisms over the past few weeks.

1.  I have nipples on my head! 
2. Do you smell that poop?  That is baby Rowan.  It is not me.
3. You broke my heart. (after I scolded him for using the word "stupid")
4. I want to see where Papa lives! 
5. Why do you let Papa sleep in your bed?
6. I want my room in the new house to be PINK!  I want the new house to be PINK, too!!!
7. What is that sound?  It is SCARING ME! (it was the trash liner in his garbage can crinkling)
8. You have antennas up here! (while patting my head)

And here's a little 3 year old logic for you.
Fletcher: Let's go to the neighbor's house and play with their toys!
Me: We can't because we weren't invited.
Fletcher: We can knock on the door!
Me: No, we shouldn't because they are sleeping.
Fletcher: We will play really quietly and not wake them up.
Me: Uh, no...
Fletcher: Why not?
Me: Um, they lock the door when they are sleeping!  So we couldn't get in.
Fletcher: We can knock on the door!

Seriously.  We could have conversations like this for hours.

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