Thursday, July 14, 2011

you capture: summertime

This week's You Capture is Summertime!  Ah, summertime.  I'm actually not a hot-weather kind of girl, but I do love warm sunny days that end in cool nights- just like yesterday!  It was a perfect day here in my neck of the woods.  I also love that we all crawl out of hibernation during the summer.  We reconnect with neighbors, sharing drinks, stories, and pools.  We take weekend trips to the beach (like we'll be doing this weekend) and lots of walks to the park.  We pick veggies and herbs out of the garden and we eat dinner outside.  I'm looking forward to an extended summer when we move to South Carolina!  But in the meantime, I'll enjoy the cooler Illinois summer for now.

Summertime is barefeet and butt ruffles in the grass.

Summertime is sporting cool shades.

Summertime is visiting with neighbors on the front porch.

Summertime is looking forward to the peaches that the neighbor always kindly shares when they are ripe.

Summertime is enjoying everything in full bloom!

Summertime is enjoying the yields of the garden.  Including our first ripe tomatoes!

Summertime is eating alfresco.  That means outside.  You already knew that, sorry.

I hope that you are enjoying your own summertime- wherever you are!


  1. so cute!! I totally agree on the summer is porches and barefeet!! perfect, now I just need to have a house with one!

  2. Very nice pics!

  3. oh you have ripe tomatoes - lucky - ours are just starting to green up!

  4. You have some really fabulous summer photos here! I love that porch. That's the perfect place to relax. That last photo is so cute. Such a sweet smile!

  5. Wow! Evidently summertime is also amazing pictures because yours are incredible. I love every one. Your kids are great models and you capture them so well but all the other shots are just as good! Wow!

  6. And I have some pictures to send your way too! Now I know why you are such a great photographer; you have such adorably willing models! They are a hoot! And the flowers and gardeny produce look like pictures from a book! Well done, Photobug!

  7. You've done such a great job of capturing summertime! I especially like those cute little butt ruffles!


  8. Fuzzy peaches and butt ruffles ... It doesn't get much better! I love it!

  9. Love the ruffles and the flower shot! Your kids are adorable! Great shots.

  10. Beautiful shots! Love the second to last one in B&W.

    If you're posting more of your garden soon, I hope you'll consider stopping by my new Garden Life link up :)


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