Thursday, July 28, 2011

you capture: fruit

You Capture is fruit this week.  I did not have much of an opportunity to photograph fruit this week.  If I had been inspired, I would have gone to the farmer's market and gotten some really arty shots of fruit stands or something.  But I did not.  So I took pictures of the tomatoes from my garden instead.  Uh, tomatoes are technically a FRUIT.  Just go with it, ok?

We have a bumper crop of these sweet beauties.  Fletcher's favorites!  Our other summer favorite is strawberries.  We do have wild strawberries in our garden, but they are very small and don't look very appetizing.  So we buy them everywhere else!  Strawberries are Rowan's very favorite food of all. 

Yum!  Hope you are all enjoying the fruits of summer!


  1. We haven't seen many strawberries here in Romania. I'm hoping I can add a "yet" to that sentence and that the crop just hasn't ripened. What will I do without strawberries?? And tomatoes? Totally count as a fruit!

  2. Mmmm....those sweet tomatoes are from your own yard?? I love tomatoes so much. I spend a fortune on the little sweet tomatoes at the store, but they're the best. My Andrew loves strawberries too. They might be his favorite.

  3. I meant to add - the lighting in your last photo is great! She has such pretty eyes! :)

  4. Is Rowan giving the middle finger? Despite her obscene gesture, she is the cutest baby!!!!

  5. Tomatoes are TOTALLY a fruit! And those looks SO good. And I'm with her strawberries are the best! :D


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