Monday, October 3, 2011

what were they thinking?

Alright.  As promised, the "Homeowners: What were they THINKING?" edition of my trash and treasure.  I do feel like I need to add a disclaimer before I dive in here.  Taste and aesthetics in homes is so subjective.  So if I am making fun of something that is actually in your style, just know that it's my personal opinion that it sucks is undesirable, and that obviously other people out there have bad different tastes, too. 

Well, you have all seen the hot pink room and the lavender family room, so you already know this is a family with interesting tastes.  Let's start with the kitchen.  It's a nice big room with lots of cabinet space, so I can't complain too much.  BUT.  Here is the lighting in the kitchen.

If you have to buy tube lightbulbs, then it doesn't belong in a home.  Period.  Also?  The popcorn ceilings are in every. room. of. the. house.  Vomit.

Here we have the lovely apple pulls on the top kitchen cabinets.
The bottom cabinet pulls are shiny brass.  Just as bad in my opinion.  I will be painting ALL of them.  Speaking of apples, here are the kitchen curtains left behind.

If you'd like them in your very own kitchen, let me know!  They won't be here for long!

And now, the awesome burner covers.

Why yes, that IS a chef rocking a big old mustache while playing the violin for his cat.  These are growing on me.  I think I actually love them because they are ironic.  Or am I just tiredly insane from all the unpacking?  Let me know, because I'm falling in love with them quickly.

We also found some weird use of trim in the kitchen.  I won't even mention the linoleum.
 Isn't it handy how they cut it into a point?  Because you know what's better than stubbing your toe on trim?  Stubbing your toe on POINTY trim!

The flooring choice on a whole is curious.  I had never seen wood patterned linoleum before.
This is in the upstairs hallway.  What is especially curious is that the downstairs has all (real) hardwood floors, and the stairs are also hardwood, so why not extend it to the hall?  Very curious, indeed.

Now onto the chandelier in the dining room!
I personally love a chandelier with a big shiny tarnished brass ball, but then, who DOESN'T???  It's also a great place to take a self portrait.  See me in there taking the picture?  Hello!

Now onto the bathrooms, where wallpaper borders go to die.

Another project for me- take down borders.  Fun!

No borders in the master bathroom, but they did do something very interesting with the tub.
Yes, they apparently took OFF the original faucet, and installed a hand nozzle to a bare pipe that stuck out of the wall.  I am trying very hard not to think too much about why this was done, so please keep all comments to yourself, okey-dokey?  I wasn't able to capture the pure beauty of this before Brian started fixing it, but you get the gist.

And above the shower in our bathroom is this lovely light.

Really, words escape me.

Now, I'm just being picky, I know, cause it really is a lovely house on a whole.  I'll share more flattering home pictures soon, after we take care of some of this hideousness and finish unpacking. 

But for now, say hello to my little friend!
We have lots of these guys hanging around outside, and I think they are so cute!

And of course since my parents are still around, we put them to work with some groundskeeping.  My mom even planted in my porch boxes, see?

Slowly but surely, it's all coming together.

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  1. Nice post there judgey judgerson. I'm actually with you on everything except the light over the shower, I like that because it makes me feel like I am in a second chamber in a sci fi movie, or a transporter room.
    Nice post though!


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