Wednesday, October 5, 2011

easy leaf garland diy

I love love love fall.  It's my favorite season of the year.  I normally start decorating early in September, and it stays up until Thanksgiving!  I pretty much decorated the house as we unpacked this year.  I came across a pack of 50 silk colored leaves that I have bought a few years ago in the Target dollar bin, and had a tiny brainstorm: leaf garland!  It's super easy, let me show you.

You'll need some leaves- you could try real, but I think the fake ones are going to be easier for this.  Also grab some scissors, twine or ribbon, and some tape.

I cut 2 slits into each leaf by folding slightly where I cut.

Take your twine or ribbon and make it easier to thread by taping up the end.

I unfortunately thought of this AFTER I started.  Oh well.  I used about 3 feet of  twine at a time so it didn't get too unwieldy.  Time to start threading those leaves!  I like the rustic look of twine, but ribbon would be pretty, too.  Black ribbon would be good for Halloween.

I put a knot in the twine behind each leaf so the leaves didn't end up all at one end of the twine.  It made it take a little longer, but it keeps the leaves spaced where you want them.

I cut the slits at random points in the leaves so it would somewhat mimic leaves falling.  Feel free to do a more uniform cut if you have OCD.

I ended up with 4 lengths of garland.  You can tie them together, or put them up separately, your choice.  I put mine up above the fireplace.

Pretty AND easy!  Ok, go ahead and make yours.

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  1. Love the festive fall leaves!! What a great decorator you are! That special touch you have to make a house your home never goes out of season. I should get my fall stuff out, thanks for the motivation. You are a cornucopia of good ideas, R!


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