Saturday, June 22, 2013

5 years old!

Well, another year has passed.  It's now been 5 years since Fletcher made me a mama.  Seems like so long ago and yesterday all rolled into one.  Does that make sense?  I can barely remember how it feels to NOT be a mother, so it feels so long ago.  But wait, wasn't he *just* a baby?  Anyway, Fletcher is 5, and he is just as joyful as day one.  He is such a kind, sweet boy, and I feel like I was blessed to be the one to care for his little soul as he grows up.  It's such a soft, sweet soul to care for.  
 He still loves trains, but his realm of interest has broadened to include superheroes, legos, and Transformers.  But trains will always be his first true love.  Besides mama, of course!
 He loves to meet new people, especially new little people, and will try to play with everyone at the park all at once.  He likes to include everyone.  I have never heard him say anything mean to another child, but does easily get his heart crushed when other children say something remotely unkind to him. 
He keeps us in stitches with his "Fletcherisms" and we often ask him how he feels or thinks about a lot of things in this world just to get his take on it.  He's opened my eyes to seeing something a new and different way more times than I can count.
  His favorite foods tend to be fresh vegetables, and still loves a good salad.  But he prefers to drink chocolate milk to anything else.  He's pretty good about trying new things, though. 
 Fletcher is going through a "mama" phase, but could quickly pass me over in favor of Papa tomorrow.  He is fickle like that. 
 His imagination is something to behold, and if you have a minute or maybe an hour, he'd love to tell you a story he's made up.  He is an excellent traveler, and really likes new places to visit.  A car trip is one of his favorite activities of all time.  Especially if it ends somewhere fun. 
 He mostly tolerates his little sister, but he and Rowan are starting to become play mates.  It's not perfect, but sometimes there is a magical moment where they play nicely together.  It's my favorite kind of moment.  He doesn't have a lot of patience for sitting down to write letters or draw, but he could listen to someone reading him a book for hours. 
He crawls into bed with me every morning, cuddles close, and tells me, "Good morning, mama!"  Even when it is too early, I love that he still cuddles and wants to be cuddled.  I loved the age of 4, but 5 is shaping up to be an excellent number to be. 

Fletcher, you are the best boy I know, and you make this mama's heart happy every day.  I love your mind, I love your energy, and I love your imagination.  You will do amazing things in this world, I know it. 
Love, your Mama xoxo


  1. Green checked shirt? He looks 20 and also? Like he's gonna be a lady killer. Good luck Future Fletcher's Girlfriends. What a handsome sweet boy.


    And happy birth day, mama! xoxoxoxoxo to you too!

  3. He's such a handsome kid, and is so sweet in your posts. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday, Fletcher You-Betcher! Loved seeing all those pictures. He is growing up so fast! His Mama and Papa have so much to be proud of in that little boy. Thanks for sharing him with all of us! We love you, and best wishes for a wonderful year as the #5! xoxo

  5. Happy birthday to him - they ARE growing scary fast, aren´t they..?! :-)

  6. Happy Birthday!! What a fantastically sweet post {& a great way to remember the year}!

  7. I love how I learn so much about their personalities from these birthday tributes you write. I think Fletcher is a super-awesome kid. Just like his Mama. :) Oh, and that first picture? That's one of my favorites EVER.

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    - Emma

    emmabanks9 (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. So lovely, he's such a sweet boy. Hope he is enjoying the ripe age of 5 :)

  10. He sounds like an absolute sweetheart! I hope he enjoyed his birthday. :)

    I would be happy if my guy would tolerate his sister instead of fighting with her. They are improving...slowly. ;)

  11. Oh, what a sweet tribute to your boy! He is such a handsome guy. Thanks for sharing a bit of his personality with us!


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