Wednesday, June 5, 2013

over the weekend

I know, I'm behind.  Updating you on our weekend on WEDNESDAY.  Time just gets away from me.  Plus I've been dealing with a horrible stomach bug that left me totally useless.  I mean completely and totally useless.  My kids overindulged in tv and iPad time while I was lying on the couch or running to the bathroom, and at the end of the day on Monday they were brawling like alley cats.  We're doing a screen time detox for the rest of the week, now that I am (somewhat) better.

So yes, the weekend.  I went to an amazing estate sale on Saturday morning, and brought home many fun treasures that barely put a dent in my wallet.  My kind of sale!  Brian had been looking for a straw fedora since I'm not a huge fan of his straw cowboy hat.  I'm a Yankee, so sorry.  I nabbed the vintage hat you see in the pictures below, and when I brought it home, Brian decided he had to go see this sale, too.  He brought home 3 more vintage hats in various styles.  He's a hat collector (hoarder).
And then Rowan saw me taking pictures of Papa and had to get in on the fun.  Cuteness ensued.
Is she a little poser or WHAT?  I guess I take a few pictures of my children.  That afternoon we went down to our town's festival.  There were rows of classic cars, so Fletcher was happy.  Not sure why Fletcher is giving the car below the "power to the people" sign.
And there were bouncy houses, so BOTH the kiddos were happy.
And there were tears when it was time to go, so we bribed with lemon shake ups, and rested in the shade before we left.
Real men use pink bottles if you were wondering.  It was a fun day for everyone!  And I'll share a few of my treasures from the estate sale soon.


  1. What a fun weekend (minus the sickness)! Glad you are feeling better!! Rowan looks super cute in that hat and that shirt is a nice color on Brian. Looks like a perfect summer afternoon!

  2. My husband is also a hat hoarder/fedora fan! The car show looks fab {& good on your boy for empowering the peeps lol}. So sorry to hear you've been sick-- I can't stand being ill & am given to whimpering, so good on you for muscling through like a champ!

  3. I love these weekend recaps. I am a HUGE fan of that fedora you got for Brian! And Brian, you are looking swag! The family is so sweet and it looked like a great time had by all. I would love a lemon shake up! Glad you're feeling better. Can't wait to see your finds...except I know one and I'm so jealous. Hint, it's red. Power to the people, Fletcher! You rock, little man.

  4. So sorry to hear you weren't feeling well, but I hope you're on the mend! And oh my word, that second picture of Rowan with Brian- you are seriously gonna have to reassess your shotgun situation when that child gets near dating age. The boys will go crazy for her sweet self!

  5. Seems like a great time, I like the hat! :-)


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