Tuesday, June 18, 2013

his birthday party!

Fletcher's birthday is this Saturday.  But we're going to be away visiting family then, so we had his party for his friends a week early.  Fletcher didn't mind.  He is, however, very confused as to what exact day is his birthday.

Most of his school friends couldn't make it to the party because of summer vacations, but that was all right by me!  Since we were having a pool party I knew it could get a little bit out of control really quickly.  But just the handful of kiddos was perfect for our small pool.
Fletcher wanted a "Transformer" birthday party.  What is it with the commercial themes?  I blame Brian on this one.  Fletcher originally asked for a garbage/recycling truck birthday party, and I was on board for that.  But then Brian got to asking Fletcher, "What about Superman, or Iron Man, or Transformers..." And that was it.  But no problem anyway since I really do a bare minimum when it comes to themes.  Here were the only places that displayed anything Transformer related: a sign I made, and spinners to top the cupcakes.
 And that sign took me an embarrassing amount of time to make.  Embarrassing because it should look way better than it does for the amount of time it took!  Fletcher still loved it, which made this mama's heart happy.  He requested the cupcakes in ice cream cones, too.  Kids just love those things, they were gone in no time.  I made a bigger cake for blowing out candle purposes, and for adults to eat.  But the adults loved the cone cupcakes just as much!
 There was a rapt audience while Fletcher opened presents.  And an involved audience, too!  Fletcher had to fight to be able to open his own presents at one point.  Kids just want to be helpful.  And to move things along quickly.
I asked Fletcher what his favorite part of the party was, and he answered "All of it!"  So I count that as a success!


  1. You are so great with all the parties... I feel so lazy in that department but I think it's also the size of our house. It all looks like so much fun. I can't believe he's such a big boy- almost 5!

  2. Looks like an all around hit! Happy Birthday, Fletcher!!

  3. It's all so cute. Your sign is great! I like to go light on the commercial themes too. The cake and the cupcakes are so sweet! I'm glad your little guy enjoyed the party! I remember those days when all the kids would tear at the presents. ;)

  4. awww that looks like he had a blast! Pretty cake!

  5. That cake! I just died and went to sprinkle heaven. Love everything about this party! Summer pool parties with cupcakes in cones...I might have to reuse that idea in the future. And then we can call it a "recycling" birthday party indeed! :)

  6. Happy birthday to him - I´d love a piece of that cake! :-)


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