Wednesday, April 2, 2014

butterfly house

Sometimes I forget that I even "keep" a blog.  I really do.  Like for the entire 10 days my littles were on Spring Break.  We were busy!  And mostly it was just me and the littles, trying to fill the hours.  Honestly, I think we mostly played the week away, outside and in.  But we took a few special trips, including one with Brian to the Butterfly House outside of St. Louis.  We were so lucky to find that the Blue Morpho butterfly hatches in March, so there were roughly a thousand more butterflies in the house than usual.  It was just gorgeous to see them everywhere.  My camera lens immediately fogged up in the humidity, so that's why there is a hazy cast to all these pictures.  Soft focus bonus!
 Rowan tried so hard to sit still in the hopes of a butterfly landing on her.  But mostly they landed on me and Brian.  Rowan was NOT impressed with their choice.
 It was incredibly humid in the house, but such a lovely, peaceful atmosphere.
 I told Brian that if I could have a tropical drink in there, I'd stay forever.
 The littles were wrung out and tired by the time we were finished.  Did I mention the humidity?  Good practice for summer, though.  Fletcher perked up when we got back into the lobby area where there were a lot of critters and creatures to check out.  Like these massive cockroaches.  (shudder!)
 As we walked out of the Butterfly House, we spied a massive carousel across the way.  So of course we hurried on over to find there was just one more ride of the day left.  And we were the only ones on for the ride!
 Can't beat your own carousel ride.
I'll catch up on the rest of Spring Break tomorrow.  It was a fun week, and just a taste of all the adventures we're looking forward to when school is out!  Although I'm wondering if my sanity can keep up... I was ready for Spring Break to be over this week.


  1. I love butterfly emporiums! There's something about just having to walk and move a little more delicately. Which reminds me, I can never EVER take Jackie there. :) Just out of curiosity, how much are Missouri carousel rides? We get charged $3 a pop for our big one here! I thought that was outrageous! Lovely pictures, R!

  2. The pictures are lovely! Entertaining the kids for days can be challenging for sure! ;)

  3. So beautiful! The soft focus is perfect, humidity and all! I'm not one for having butterflies or other flying things land on me. Its my cowardice-- so bravo to you all for not running screaming when they landed on you lol!!

  4. I'm diggin' the hazy look! Makes everyone look extra angelic. ;)


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