Thursday, April 3, 2014

spring break bucket list 2014

Last year Brian was able to take a week off when the littles had Spring break, so we took a little trip, and made a list of all the fun things we wanted to do, and just added as we went along.  This year we had a bit more of a "staycation" so our list was more local.  I left my camera at home for most of our little outings, so I'm reposting pictures from Instagram here.
1. Go to the Capitol Building in Jefferson City!  The kiddos really love the Capitol Building.  I think it's the dome.  They love to go to the very top and look down, and then stand at the bottom and look up.  I kind of love that they love it so much.
2. Go to the Magic House (Children's Museum in St. Louis).  Where they both got to pretend they were President, among a million other fun things to do including a bubble room, construction area, and a beanstalk to climb that was 3 stories high!  We went with friends, and the littles really had a blast.
It also snowed the day we went to the Magic House.  They were hoping for enough to sled, but no such luck.  It was just a dusting that melted by the afternoon.
3.  After such a long day at the Magic House, we laid low the next day and the littles each painted a masterpiece for their bedrooms.  I even found some glow in the dark paint, so the paintings are even more fun at night!
4.  The next morning we made cookies for breakfast, and ate them with cocoa (coffee for me) off of our good china.  We felt very fancy, even though we were still in our pajamas!
5.  That afternoon we spent HOURS at the pool.  Indoor pool, of course.  It was chilly here!
Fletcher and Rowan are part fish, I'm fairly certain.
6. Brian took a half day last Friday and we all drove up to St. Louis to go to the Butterfly House.  I detailed that yesterday, but I can't say enough about how wonderful it was!
7.  And I detailed the carousel ride, too.  But here's my iphone shot!
8. The next day was warm and sunny, and we had friends stop by on their way to their home in Illinois from Branson.  So Brian made a big bonfire, and we all made s'mores.  We love our s'mores around here.  Well, Fletcher really only eats the chocolate.  And Rowan only likes the marshmallow.  I'm sure they'll get with the party line as they get older.
9.  On the last day of Spring Break, I told Brian that I wanted to go somewhere nearby that had a great view.  He found the perfect spot!  And I have real pictures that I'll share tomorrow from my camera.
10. On the way home, we decided to round the list out to ten with a trip to get frozen yogurt.  Froyo is always a great way to round out a list, if you were wondering.
And that was it!  It was long, and felt like it would never end, and then all of a sudden it was over.  I think that pretty much sums up any time you spend with your own kiddos.


  1. I would love to keep calling them "littles," but wow! Fletcher looks so tall in that first photo! Even though you have a fancy camera that takes amazing pictures, the ones you catch on the fly with your iphone are still so special! I can see just as much innocence, fun, and faces that say wonderful memories are being made! Love your blog, Ruthie! xoxo

  2. I've never had a spring break as fun as yours! The preschool here decided on a 2-week spring break, so that's going to be fun..... yeah, not. Luckily it coincides with my in-laws visiting so we are planning lots of things to do to keep busy and stay out of the house. (That's where all the crazy goes down!)

  3. Looks like a super nice time - good for you all! :-)

  4. I love the weather represented in just one week. Short sleeves, winter coats, snow, smores, spring butterflies. Looks like a great week! I love seeing the pictures!

  5. You are fantastic parents-truly! What a wealth of experiences you give your kids. I want to live with you actually. ;)

  6. I love staycations! It is so much fun seeing what mischief one can get up to in one's own town-- and with a beautiful city at your disposal, ya'll sure get up to a lot!


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