Wednesday, April 9, 2014

trestle gawking

So in my last post, I said I'd share our "pretty view" pictures tomorrow.  I meant to say in 5 tomorrows. Yes.  That is what I meant.  On the last day of Spring Break, it was warm and sunny, so we all decided some exploring was in order.  There are a lot of rolling hills and beautiful valleys here in mid-Missouri. And not much else!  Brian found this old trestle bridge right off of Route 66, not too far from us to go check out.  It was built in the 40's to bring supplies to Ft. Leonard Wood. We drove to the overlook, and then got out to gawk at the valley below.  So beautiful!
 We found a cocoon that was jumping around, and it was fun to hold and feel the life fluttering inside to get out.
 Rowan was a little scared about walking the wall that overlooked the bridge.  I don't blame her, it made my stomach drop a little.  It wasn't a straight drop down, there was a sloping hill, so we weren't endangering our lives here.
 Fletcher, on the other hand, was a little daredevil, leaning far over and laughing when I gasped.  He's trying to shorten my life, I just know it.
 We drove around a little more and found this old wooden train bridge.  It was impressively large and intricate.  And I would not want to be any where near it when a train passed over.
It's always good for the soul to go explore a little.  And it's a treat to find special places tucked away just down the road from us.  Now that winter has surrendered, let the outdoor adventures begin!


  1. I am so glad to hear that winter waved its white flag! You guys are like the little family inside the cocoon, just busting out free! With spring, new life, and changes on the way, hope it's all filled with hopeful promise for you, my friend! xoxo

  2. What a fun little adventure, and that train bridge is amazing! I love it, and Wyatt would go totally nuts. We need to do some more all family exploring.

  3. Whoa that train bridge!! That is unreal. Glad the weather was so nice and y'all could get out and explore. :)

  4. I love the one with you and R looking over the edge. And you guys are very fast forward in your spring - our daffodils have just broken ground here. Can't wait to get some blooms 'round here! Great pictures, as always, and nice find on Brians part!

  5. God Lord those trestle bridges always appear to be on the verge of collapse-- I can not imagine a train going over it (which is probably why I'm a historian and not an engineer).


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