Thursday, April 24, 2014

the cave

Now that Spring has definitely made an appearance here, we've been going out and exploring more and more.  I take the middle of nowhere Missouri for granted a lot, because frankly, it's easy to do it.  There just isn't much around here, until the weather cooperates, that is!  And then there are a lot of fun outdoor places to have adventures.  (But seriously, is a Target too much to ask?)  Last Friday, Brian took us onto base where there is a really beautiful caved perched high on a cliff.  The littles really really loved it.  And I loved it too, but I have a touch of claustrophobia, so I sat out the smaller enclosures of the cave.  The cave had openings all around where we could see the river running below, and pastoral scenes of cattle and horses roaming across the river.  Just a warning, there be cracks ahead.  And I'm not talking about the ones in stone...
 There was a large tree growing out of one of the openings. It was peaceful and serene, and we stayed for hours exploring.
 Since it was on the base, we weren't too surprised to find group of soldiers in one opening of the cave. But what we weren't expecting was to hear a really motivating and engrossing speech given to the NCO's in training.  It almost made me want to become an non-commissioned officer, too!
We have a number of other places on our list to explore before things go from warm and sunny to unbearably hot and humid!  Where are you planning on exploring this Spring?


  1. That's a really beautiful spot, and it must be sort of wonderful to be in the middle of nowhere (although no target?! Are there good small independent shops?). That picture of the soldiers is very cool, what light.

  2. Lovely photos. Thanks for the crack warning. I was a little afraid it was Brian. ;)

    I don't know where we will explore this spring, except repeated visits to Niagara Falls. We always do that.

  3. Ha! Love the appearance of the crack in the pictures! Just means he is too into having fun to notice the breeze, right? The view looks spectacular! But I don't know why you are wanting a Target when the nearest meth lab is somewhere in 'dem hills. ;) For the record, as a Missouri native, I can make that joke. Can't wait to see more family travels!!!!

  4. The pictures you took are amazing and I bet it was spectacular in real life! The one of all the NCOs is very cool! I could see it on one of their recruitment folders or in print somewhere, like for an ad. Looks like a great spot to visit, what a find! The kids are so cute as usual.

  5. Awesome spot to explore! Love their little headlamps, and of course, kid cracks are so cute and laughable. Molly is cursed with crack exposure every time she bends over, bless her heart. Cracks me up every time too. ;) We are planning on lots of exploring this spring and summer (provided we don't sweat to death first). :)

  6. Such gorgeous pictures!! Love the bit about stumbling across an inspirational speech (what a cool thing).

  7. So gorgeous! I am constantly surprised by the beauty of Missouri. So glad you got to explore!


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