Wednesday, April 16, 2014

last snow (?)

It's that time of year when it is 80 degrees one day, and then the very next it freezes and snows.  I know it can be maddening for some (especially for those where the snow sticks!) but I just thought it was so pretty to see the snow against all the blossoms here!  I know, I'm crazy.  I think seeing that the rest of the week's forecast calls for 60s helps. Rowan and I ran out with my camera to catch the what just may be the last snow of Spring.  Rowan excitedly exclaimed, "I'm going to make snow angels!!"  But although she checked often throughout the day, the snow never did stick.  She was a little bummed.  Until I pointed out all the violets she could pick and bring inside.  Nothing cheers my girl up like a freshly picked bouquet!
Soccer practice was cancelled, pajamas were left on, the wood stove was reawakened, and hot cocoa made a reappearance.  But today it is sunny, and Spring seems promising.


  1. No, you're not crazy! I thought it was really pretty too. In fact, as I recall, I was in the middle of lecturing one of my kids on the importance of cleaning up his pee off the bathroom floor and I stopped mid-sentence to exclaim, "SNOW! Guys, look out the window!" Now who's crazy?

  2. I think these are really beautiful pictures, R. And I also love Spring (and that ALWAYS means snow in Colorado). My favorite season. :)

  3. How cool to see snow and flowers right up next to each other like that! Sam is still asking me when it's going to snow again (poor thing, the US seems to have stolen all of the snow this year). He is not happy when I tell him it's not coming back til the winter. At least, I hope not. I just packed away all of the winter coats and gloves and scarves...

  4. You captured some great expressions here! Mama Nature's children and your own--hope the nice weather stays--as much as I love seeing snow, I'm ready for some more flower shots! Your eye for photography is wonderful!

  5. I hope it's the last friggin' snow sweetheart! ;)


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