Friday, June 10, 2011

friday facts: facts about Fletcher

1.  He's really cute.

What's that?  Oh, that's not a fact, it's a biased mama's opinion?

2.  No it's not.  It's a fact.  He's cute.  He's really cute.  It's a fact, okay?


3.  His favorite meal is salad.  He's weird.

4.  He really likes Superman, mostly because Papa cultivates it.

5.  He really likes Maurice Sendak books, mostly because Mama cultivates it.  (Hello?  In the Night Kitchen is awesome.  Go get it right now for your kids.  You probably already have Where the Wild Things Are.  Right?  Right????!?!!?)

6.  He sometimes hates having a baby sister: No, carry ME down the stairs, Mama!!  MAMA!!!

7.  He sometimes loves having a baby sister: No, that wasn't me.  Baby Rowan tooted!!  *hehehe*

8.  He knows his ABCs and can count to 20ish.  He also can recognize most of them, too.  I credit t.v.

9.  He's a mini-me of Brian.

10.  He's really cute.

11.  He's stubborn on potty-training.  And yes, I do indeed think he may go off to college in diapers.  So don't tell me that he won't.

12.  He's turning 3 in two weeks.  But how is that possible???  He's still my baby!!  (WAH!!!)

13.  He still sleeps in a crib.  Even though we have a twin bed in his room ready and waiting.  Cause he never learned how to get out of it.  So now we're going to transition soon, which means he's really not still my baby.  (WAH!!!)

14.  He believes in fairies and ghosts.  Yes, the fairies are my fault, but at least he's not scared of them since I introduced him to Tinker Bell.  But the ghosts?  I don't know where that came from.  He tells me sometimes that there are ghosts in his closet knocking on the doors.  Creeeeeepy.  Especially since our house was built in 1865.  But he doesn't seem scared, he's pretty matter-of-fact about it.

15.  He really cute.  And he has a big mouth.

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  1. Fletcher, this is Auntie K. You are adorable! Every time I look at your sweet smile, I grin because you have the most angelic face and I want to put my fingers in your dimples! You have the ability to cure sadness with a look. Maybe when you grow up, you'll be a ghostbuster. Love you!


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