Wednesday, June 8, 2011

sometimes it's hard to be a baby

Rowan has busy days sometimes.  Sometimes it's hard to fit it all in, but she tries. 

I don't roll outta bed looking like this, you guys.  It takes a while.  Please ignore my drool.

I have to be cute and charming when the grandparents roll into town.  Cause they bring presents.  And if I'm not cute and charming, they might not bring me something next time. 

Seriously.  I have to dial it up sometimes cause that big Fletcher kid tries to steal my game.

Then I have calls to make.  Lots of calls.

Wait.  Is this thing working???  Come on!!!!

Oh, there we go.

What up, Grandma?  What are you bringing me next week?  Cause Gigi is here and you'll never believe what she brought me...

What's that?  I still have ketchup on my head?  Come ON, PEOPLE!!  I can't do it all by myself!

I'm exhausted.  Time for a Sangria* break!

Ah, refreshing.  (please excuse the dog butt)

Whoa.  This is strong.

I'm so tired, I can't even drink sitting up.

*I did not give Rowan Sangria.  Don't call CPS on me.


  1. Ah, Rowan, you really make it easy on a photographer! She is so beautiful, Ruthie. I see T-R-O-U-B-L-E in your future. Brian is going to be the overprotective daddy. At least she also has a big brother too. She's not just going to break hearts, she's gonna shatter them.
    Hey, R--what is that picture of pictures hanging in your living room by the front door? The one where B is wiping ketchup off Ro's head and your mom is in the glider? I don't remember seeing that...but that gives me a great idea for your blog! You should do an entry on all the meaningful things hanging in your home; like your paintings, murals, family photos, etc. That would be so interesting! So, yes please do that! Especially before your departure from that beautiful abode. We'll need the memories.


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