Thursday, June 23, 2011

you capture: bathrooms

Actually, last week's You Capture theme was bathrooms, but it was postponed until this week and combined with the theme purple.  I looked through my pictures from the last week, and there is NOTHING with purple in it.  So I just have one lonely bathroom picture for all of you.

Rowan enjoys her baths.  She's a waterbaby!  I used to take baths.  Now I'm actually LUCKY to fit in a 5 minute shower.  Yep, don't stand too close to me, folks.


  1. This is precious! I love how Rowan is so little she's just peeking over the edge.

  2. lol your comment made me laugh - I love this capture though - especially since you have him peeking up at you!! Great job

  3. I love it! So cute :) And your bathroom is nice and bright, too!

  4. Oh, that's too cute!! Adorable!

  5. Those huge, beautiful baby eyes looking up at you are so, so sweet.

  6. Makes me want to sing the song to her:
    Rowan, where are you going? Upstairs to take a bath...etc.
    I introduced that song to Kiera because she loves Alice in Wonderland and she made me sing it to her no less than 25 times.
    Great picture!


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