Thursday, June 30, 2011

you capture: water

I had these great shots of the dam in our town for this week's You Capture, and now I can't find them, grrr.  My computer ate them.  Or Lightroom ate them.  I'm not sure.  Maybe my hardrive is holding them hostage.  I have nothing to give you in ransom, hardrive!!  I swear!

Anyway, I did find the pictures of Brian and Fletcher playing with squirt guns one evening.  No one was having much fun, as you can see.

Yesterday I went with Brian up to the base to take care of some paperwork.  Right behind his office building is a really beautiful trail along a river.

And if you follow the trail, it goes directly to Lake Michigan.  Pretty!

And it's gonna be a hot one tomorrow, so I forsee some more playing in the water for us!  Time to drag out the kiddie pool and sprinklers! 


  1. Technology can be evil! Those are some great shots! We are gonna be hot here too, so we will be doing the same! Have a great day!

  2. Love the squirt gun one. How adorable is that??

  3. These are the times that I really really miss Lake Michigan and the beach! Soak it up for me!! See you guys soon!

  4. Love that trail! It seems really peaceful. And your little kiddo, what a precious shot.


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