Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the long goodbye

We bought our house 4 years ago, thinking we would be spending at least 10 years in it.  If not more.  We poured love (and money) into making it a home for us and for our future children.  1 dog, 2 babies, 4 Christmases, a thousand family dinners, 43 cookouts... just kidding, I have no idea how many cookouts we've had here.  A lot.  We live in the kind of neighborhood where when it's a really nice day, all the neighborhood kids are gathered in one backyard and someone suggests an impromtu cookout.  Or someone starts passing out margaritas.  Or someone drags out the kiddie pool and the kids pile in.  I know there are probably millions of neighborhoods that are like this out there.  But this one felt like mine. 

Okay, I'm done crying in my coffee.  It looks like we may not be selling the house after all.  At least not yet.  So just maybe we'll be back here one day.  Brian can retire from the army in about 10 years.  So if we carefully rent it out for 10 years, I guess it's possible that we'll be back.  But it won't be the same neighborhood. 

I'm just hoping that I can find a home wherever we go.  Not a house, a home.  My kids are going to be army brats, so now it's going to be my job to make everywhere we go a home for them.  Even when we're only there for 6 months.  New adventures await!  But I will miss my cute little kitchen.


  1. That ceiling in your kitchen is fantastic! I want that ceiling. I'm sorry your house won't sell for what you want.

    A word on moving around, though. Being a Missionary Kid I may have moved around a little less than an Army Brat, but we did move a lot. My parents managed to make everything an adventure - even the hard things. Being a mom now, I don't know how my mom did it. (Moving to Chesterton was one of the hardest things that ever happened to me, but it turned out fine) They also managed to instill in us the idea that "home" is wherever we are as a family. It might be Christmas in a hotel room or summers traveling all over the US. If we were together we were home.

    I think you will be great! The obvious love you and Brian share will be just what you need to give your kids a home.

  2. Baby,
    You, the nose miner, the curtain climber and the rug pisser are my home. I love my home and always feel great when I am there. I will however miss our kitchen, and our deck. I doubt I will be able to find another deck made of concentric circles with no right angles. But at least the things that make home, home get to come with me.
    Love you,
    Your B

    PS No thanks to Kris for saying this first and more eloquently and with cool missionary stories to back it up:)

  3. I will visit your precious family anywhere you choose to call home.
    Also remember that the comfort in the embrace of your babies is home. The inside of your robe and slippers is home. Your garden is home. Your morning coffee is home. And your blog is the really cool communication tool that make all of us feel a little closer to home.

  4. That would be so cool if you rented your home!


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