Thursday, August 25, 2011

ordinary moments

This week's You Capture is ordinary moments.  We have lots of those around here!  With kids, there can be a lot of ordinary punctuated by something extraordinary.  Just seeing how fast they change can be extraordinary!  Here are a few ordinary moments from our house.

eating breakfast

watchin' tv

waiting for papa

playing on the swingset

playing fort in mama and papa's bed


  1. That little dress is ADORABLE!!! Loving those beautiful eyes too!

  2. Precious! I love the one of your little girl peeking out the window!

  3. Sweet memories! Don't worry, they pack well. Your children will give SC some more cuteness to enjoy. Love the innocence and splendor in your babies' eyes!! PS...great fort, Brian!

  4. Love the baby looking out of the window. The light you captured in the picture is lovely.


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