Thursday, August 11, 2011

You Capture: happiness

Happiness.  As I went through pictures from the last week, I kept asking myself if this meant pictures of people being happy, or pictures that make ME happy.  I decided to include both.  Hope you don't mind.  Oh, and I'll get back to the travelogue later today.  I had  to take a time out for You Capture.

{this one makes me happy.  not that they aren't happy, but I laugh when I see Rowan's blue mouth and Brian trying to get her to show us her blue tongue.  we can schedule the public stoning later for letting my baby eat candy.}

{the littles listening to music- happy}

{cheap wine.  summer evening.  makes mama happy}

{I would be happy if someone pulled me around in a little red wagon}

{sitting on the deck as the sun sets and the moon comes out: pure happiness}

I hope you all have had lots of happiness this summer!


  1. I totally want someone to pull me in a red wagon ... while I sip from my glass of chilled wine and suck on a blue lollipop! Happiness indeed. =>

  2. I'm with ya! Momma by day, vino by night, hahaha.

  3. sitting on the deck with a nice refreshing adult beverage once the kiddos are down is THE. BEST.

  4. This post is cool! It has elements of the three people that make ME happy! Nice work Momma!

  5. These are great. I love the moon one with the patio lights, great!

  6. Love the patio lights:) And the little ones listening to music;)

  7. Aww, love the blue tongue! And the happiness in those boys' faces on the red chair - precious! All of them are great shots! :)

  8. Ooh, cute pjs, Ro!!!
    Great photos, Ru!
    Your blog brings ME happiness, thank you!

  9. I like the wine bottle picture...that would make me totally happy. Lovely shots of happiness!


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