Wednesday, August 10, 2011

road trip, part 2

Our first destination for our road trip was Washington D.C.  We got in around 8 pm or so.  We had called ahead to a few different hotels, and found that they pretty much had the same military rate across the board.  So we thought, hmmm, do we want Best Western or Ritz Carlton?  Uh, not too hard of a choice.  It was pretty indulgent to stay there.  They offered all sorts of help picking out restaurants, called us by our names, and basically hovered around waiting for us to need something.  They even offered to hold us while we slept.  Just kidding.  That would have been weird.

We went to the Spy Museum with our friends, which was pretty fun.  I learned all sorts of things I never knew before about the CIA and other country's Intellegence Agencies.  But don't ask me what I learned because I promptly forgot it all when I got back home.  Seriously.  I can't hold new information AND be a mama to small children.  It's a medical mystery. 

After the museum we went and ate seriously yummy Thai food and went to walk the Mall.  We walk the Mall every time we go to D.C., but it gets no less impressive.  Except for the brown grass.  I guess we have to make cuts in that big ol' budget somewhere, am I right?  Well, in D.C., the grass is apparently the casualty of our country's debt.

Ok, here are some pictures of monuments that I'm sure you've never seen before.  Let's just pretend it's all new to you.

Washington Monument.  Pretty cool.

I was hoping for some nice pictures of the Lincoln Memorial with the reflecting pool, but I hadn't gotten the memo about them tearing it up.  Does not make for pretty pictures, sorry.

 Then we walked over to the White House.  For some reason, there was this one random cop whose job appeared to be telling the tourists to stay back from the fence.  I have no idea why, but it was the cop equivalent of the old man yelling, "Hey kids, get off my lawn!!"  We asked him about it, and he said he lost a bet.  I'm not kidding.

We left the next morning to continue on our journey down to find a house in South Carolina.  But first we made a stop at Colonial Williamsburg.  It was even hotter there. 

To be continued...

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