Thursday, August 18, 2011

shaving already

Fletcher.  Not me.  I've been shaving for a while now, thanks.  Fletcher is now peeing in the potty, drinking out of a big boy cup, and sleeping in a big boy bed.  And now I caught him shaving the other day!!  Boy how time does fly.

Oh hi.  You're just in time.

I was just about to use this!

First I start up here.

Then I move it around like so.

You aren't laughing are you?  This is SERIOUS, OKAY?

Seriously SMOOTH!!! Heh.

Like a baby's butt.

Go on, give it a feel.  I'm irresistible.  The babes have been all over me. 

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  1. Fletcher, you are handsome! Hello, Gillette! I think we found your new spokesperson!!


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