Tuesday, February 12, 2013

hugs, cake + tulips

Thank you for all the birthday wishes.  I appreciate them all so much!  And I want to clarify something... I never intended to imply that 35 IS middle aged, just that it always SOUNDED middle aged to me.  You know, back when I was in my smug mid-20s.  No, friends, we are all young, alive and non-middle aged, ok?  Ok.

I just thought I'd share some sweet pictures of my birthday celebrations.  We celebrated at night, so forgive the awful quality of most of these.  Brian and the littles made me a cake, helped me blow out the candles, and then helped me eat it!  I got wonderful gifts from them all, including a new camera lens I've been wanting (needing).  My favorite gifts were the cards where Brian wrote down what the littles dictated.  Rowan wrote, "Welcome to your birthday."  I laughed so hard at that.  Fletcher and I have killer colds right now, so we were just a little grumpy and there were some tears and tantrums thrown into the celebrating, but that's ok, too.  That is my life now!  There were tulips (my favorite) hugs (my favorite) wine (my favorite) and a dance party to Rush (NOT my favorite, but it can't always be about me).
35 is shaping up to be a good year.


  1. Aw, those are happy photos! The older I get the less elaborate my birthdays are but they are definitely more special.

  2. I'm glad you got to celebrate with being sick. Nothing that a little frosting and wine can't make better. Great celebration! And if 35 is that gorgeous on me, I can't wait!

  3. Looks like the perfect celebration, I really do love birthdays. Hopefully you all are healthy soon, W has a terrible case of the sniffles right now and I feel so bad for him 'cause he doesn't understand how to blow his nose :)

  4. Beautiful birthday for a beautiful lady! Cake and wine and a new camera lens is my idea of the perfect birthday!

  5. Beautiful family photos. Love the sweet note. :)

    Thanks for the clarification, but I think I AM middle aged. ;)


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