Wednesday, May 1, 2013

details to remember

I don't have a great memory.  I forget things very easily, and although I have great memories of my childhood, they are not sharp, clear memories.  I make a lot of lists, I keep this blog as a reminder of what my little family has been doing, and I take lots of photos.  Mostly with my phone if I'm being honest.

Yesterday the littles and I soaked in the warm sun and played out in the grass.  And as I took pictures of them playing, I just kept thinking: Will you remember?

 Will you remember how much she loves to smell flowers?
Will you remember how he shares everything with her? Will you remember elbow dimples?
 Will you remember how she can concentrate with laser perfection?
 Will you remember how he takes everything apart to figure out how it's made?
 Will you remember little feet in grass?
 Will you remember how big and pretty her eyes are now on her little face?
 Will you remember how all his pants slip down?  Every. Single. Pair?
 Will you remember how happy and excited they are when Papa gets home?
 Will you remember how she picks every flower that blooms, even though you don't want her to, but then she so sweetly says, "But it's for you, mama!"?
Will you remember how little they are?  
I will try.


  1. Will you remember to suggest tissues next time? Oh, my goodness, that was so sweet. First of all the pictures. The GORGEOUS GLORIOUS PERFECT photos. And if those were taken with your phone, I want one. Second, your words! So precious and such a loving reminder about the scarcity of "little." I am so happy for the gift that is your family. Beautiful post.

    1. Thanks, K! No, these were all taken with my "big girl" camera ;)

  2. Yes, this one should come with a kleenex warning. So sweet. I love the pictures and script and I wish I had one for my kids.I must keep working on the albums. Love ya.

  3. Such a gorgeous post! The look on your baby girl's face as she looks up at her Daddy are just too precious. And yes, trust me, you'll remember. Lord knows, I do-- & my littlest baby is 15 now!

  4. Lovely pictures and moments captured. One if my favorite things about blogging is having a record of all of those little details. I think most of them would otherwise be forgotten.

    btw, listening to Sedaris now and loving it!

  5. such lovely little post, Ruthie. and you always remember waaay more about our childhood than I do so I think that bodes well. :)

  6. Lol to Karen's comment, and Amen at the same time! So sweet!! I love Fletcher's plumber's crack. I laugh out loud every single time that happens to Sam. Because I'm super-mature like that. ;)

  7. I'm with Karen. You turned my stone heart to jelly. ;) I love your yard pictures. I know you live in the middle of nowhere, but at least you have a gorgeous spot to take these photos. It's like a manicured forest. Great pictures, as always. It's amazing what you make us see through the lense of your camera.


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