Monday, May 13, 2013

the party

Rowan has quite a few classmates at school, and we made the decision to invite them all over for her party.  I made the (wise) decision to have the party last exactly 2 hours.  Which, if you were wondering, is just enough time for eating pizza, playing pin the crown on the princess, singing Happy Birthday and eating cake, and opening presents.  That was it!  And Rowan couldn't have been happier.  She remembered her manners, opened each present with a "ooo, it's just what I wanted!" and thanked everyone for coming and for the gifts.  Right at that 2 hour mark, she began to get a bit crabby, though, so the very sweet and polite Rowan was traded in for a tired and cranky Rowan.  I could not be more proud of how well she did, though.
It's a funny business to me, these birthday parties for 3 years olds.  Come on over!  We'll give you too much sugar, and then make you watch someone open presents of toys that you can't play with!  It'll be fun!  Luckily it actually WAS fun, and no one got the jealousy bug while Rowan was opening presents.  She's even shared a bit with her big brother.  I call that a success!
I also call it a success that while Rowan wanted a "Princess Party" I was able to (mostly) keep the brand named, Disney stuff out of the equation.  Don't get me wrong, I don't object to Disney and their princesses, but I like a more handmade feel to a party.  And Rowan didn't mind.  She was originally going to wear her Cinderella dress up dress, but my parents saved the day by bringing her a beautiful purple dress from their trip to Mexico!  There was one Disney princess that made an appearance in the form of pin the crown on the princess, but I drew her on a poster board myself, so even she was handmade.  Rowan also requested the color purple for decorations, and then added in blue for the boys.  Actually, it was just for one boy, the 12 year old son of friends.  She adores him, follows him around, calls him her best friend, mostly because he is so sweet and kind to her.  So purple and blue it was!
I always put up a photo garland of some snapshots of the birthday girl/boy for their parties.  And Rowan requested purple flowers.  So of course papa got them for her.  He's a sucker like that.
It was a fun party, and I was so thankful for the extra helping hands from my parents.  Rowan had a great time, and I learned that I don't have to break myself to make a fun party for the littles.  And that ordering pizza instead of making the food is just fine.  Especially since it's Rowan's favorite.
My baby is 3!


  1. What a sweet party! And a gorgeous birthday girl. Love the dress! So much better than a princess costume (and we have had a few of those around here - the princess thing is unstoppable).

  2. The blue and purple look great together. What an eye Rowan has for colors! The decorations turned out very fun - I especially love the garland and the princess drawing. Looks like you guys created a day fit for a birthday queen.

  3. Okay, where to begin? I love that your Mom and Rowan were dressed to the Mexican nines with their gorgeous dresses. The purple flowers! The Cinderella game! Rowan's face when she was blowing out the 3 candle! The garland! Ruthie, this was a spectacular party! Anytime it's a hit with a 3 year old, whose minds change with the weather, you know you knocked it out of the park. I am so thrilled to see her with a big 3 year old smile on her face. I hope she truly did get all that she wanted. A wonderful party indeed! And Fletcher, you most definitely won the pin the crown game, if the decision was up to me. Good job, bud!

  4. I love her dress and her little smile so much! I'm glad it was a great party. So far, we haven't done any parties for Gus and I'm not sure we'll do one this year. BUT I'm really looking forward to having one for him one day...they look like so much fun to throw! Happy Birthday, Rowan!

  5. So glad that her party turned out so well, she looks so happy! Happy birthday Rowan.

  6. Her dress is fantastic & the party looked gorgeous! Well done Momma!

  7. I just can't believe she looks so BIG! I mean seriously, Ruthie. I want to be at the next one of these parties with my kids - it looks so fun. xoxo

  8. Hooray for your sweetie! :-)


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