Tuesday, May 21, 2013

last day

Fletcher's last day of school was last Friday.  I can't believe he's finished his first year of school already.  I know that Rowan went to school too, but she only went 2 days a week, so it doesn't feel official with her.

Here is Fletcher's last day picture, along with his first day.  Can you believe how much he grew?!  I don't even realize how quickly these littles grow until I look at side by side comparisons.
This time when I asked what he wanted to be when he grows up, he said an Army man like Papa.  So he still wants to be just like his Papa when he grows up.  But an Army man?  I don't think this mama's heart could take it.
And here is a little side by side comparison of Rowan's first and last day.  
Also unbelievable how much she grew!  She's also changed so much with her time in school.  She had such an excellent teacher who really worked with the kids, and loved working with the kids.  Which really makes all the difference.  

Fletcher learned and changed a lot, but we made a hard decision to keep him in preschool for another year next year.  His birthday is at the end of a June, so we thought giving him the opportunity to be the oldest kid in his class, rather than the youngest, might be a good idea.  He's so smart, and is so eager to learn, but he is also young.  It's hard to make these decisions as they come up.  We want the absolute best for him and for his life, and all the advice we received led us to giving him another year to grow.  As parents, we make these decisions as we go, hope for the best, say a prayer, and send out our children to do their best.  It's hard.


  1. I don't blame you guys. It IS hard. And I think you are doing a wonderful job with both of them. They certainly don't come with instructions, too bad. I love seeing the growth with's so hard to believe they are 3 and almost 5! My baby is going to be 1 next month! OMGracious! Beautiful family.

  2. It is SO hard! But I need to try and not worry too much about the decision after I make it. The worrying before-hand is quite enough!

    They both look adorable, by the way. I love to watch them grow. xoxo

  3. Exciting day! I was always so thrilled to be done for the summer. I'm going to face the same decision with my little August baby. She and W will be nearly three years apart, but only two grades if I stick to the normal schedule. A friend of mine had a baby last September, and imagining that this giant kid is going to be in the same class as my yet to be born one is kind of crazy- but I know it all levels out with time.

  4. We did the same thing with our son, and it was a wonderful decision, no worries! Each child is different, as you well know, and making the tough decisions comes with the territory. Just one look at the grins on your littles' faces is proof positive you are doing it right!

  5. It IS insane how fast it goes - wow! :-)

  6. Making those decisions definitely pulls painfully on the heartstrings. Your kids are wonderful and you are doing a wonderful job. You two are great parents.


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