Monday, May 6, 2013

ten year trinkets

Brian and I have followed along with the traditional wedding gifts for the past 10 years.  Year one- paper.  Year two- cotton.  Year three- leather...  Some have been difficult, some have been easy.  Like the year Brian was building a deck, the traditional gift was wood.  Easy.  The year that was fruit proved a little more difficult, because what do you give?  A fruit basket?  That's romantic.

Year ten happens to be tin for the traditional gift.  The modern gift is diamonds, so I'm second guessing this decision we made 10 years ago.  Really shot myself in the foot there.

I searched for the perfect tin present for Brian, and came up with tin army soldiers from the 1940's.  I know, not practical.  But personal and I knew he'd love them.  He and Fletcher love to line up and play with Fletcher's green plastic army men, so it was a pretty easy choice for me.  Brian gave me a lovely little antique tin jewelry box.  I love decorative boxes for some unknown reason, so he picked perfectly for me, also.
I found the little box filled with toy ephemera when I went to take these pictures.  The littles apparently approve, too.
And Brian never goes wrong with flowers.  What woman doesn't like flowers?  I'm not a huge rose fan, but Brian said these were too gorgeous to pass up.  I agree.
Our neighbor babysat, and Brian and I went out to a fancy restaurant and just talked and laughed.  It was perfect.  We want to take a mini-trip later this summer to really celebrate, but we will have to wait and see with his work schedule.  It's nearly impossible to plan ahead.

Those ten years went by in a flash.  I wish I could pause time and just revel in how happy and loving we are right now, all these 10 years later.

thanks so much for all the well-wishes and congratulations!  we read and enjoyed every comment.


  1. Those fleurs are GORGE! Great job, Brian! I so love hearing of the sweet traditional gifts you pick out for each other. It's like reading a great book. I don't know...the diamond thing really had me scratching my head. Cause, yeah, shoot in the foot is right on that. But I can see Brian getting all clever and picking out a cool deck of cards. Euchre baby! Diamonds! Remember that line?! Haha, memories. Love you guys. xo

  2. Lovely and perfect. It sounds like a great day of celebration.

  3. I love that you do the traditional gifts! We had cotton this year and it was hard to come up with a gift that wasn't a blanket or pillows. Your gifts were great!

  4. So sweet! And bravo for sticking to the traditions & in the process creating your own!

  5. We started out doing the traditional gifts and then it kind of trailed off into no gifts- now that's romantic! Love your take on tin, so sweet.

  6. Those gifts are so sweet! Makes me wish we had given traditional gifts over the years. We never even thought of it. We went to Niagara-on-the-Lake to a play for the weekend on our 10th. I hope you get your trip! :)


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