Tuesday, November 15, 2011

18 months

This girl.
How did that happen?  I thought Rowan would be a baby forever.  But she's walking and talking and interacting with us like a big person, not a baby.  Please wait while I shed a tear *sniff*.  I realized that she turned 18 months over the weekend.  Well.  That was fast.

She blows and gives kisses, gives hugs, says "love you," and all sorts of lovey stuff that makes me feel good about being a mama.
But then she'll haul off and hit Fletcher, or say "MINE!!!" with an attitude, and then I feel slightly less awesome.

She loves to read books and will bring a book to me, say "hego" (here you go) and crawl into my lap, all ready for the book reading to commence.  This happens about 20 times a day.  Sometimes with the exact same book.  Oy.  But how do you say no to this face?
It's pretty much impossible.  So, yeah, sorry if we got a princess on our hands, cause she has us wrapped around her cute little finger.

She takes after Brian.  She looks like him, and has his mischievous sense of adventure.

She takes after me.  She has my smile and my love for Starbucks. 
She follows Fletcher around and thinks she can do anything he can do.  Mostly, she can.  It really annoys the shit outta Fletcher sometimes.

Rowan knows so many words and can practically have a conversation with you. I just found out yesterday that she can sing her ABC's.  And she can count to 10.  She knows where all her body parts are, like her eyes and her nose.
She loves to eat, and is pretty fastidious about checking those food labels.
Her favorite time of the day is bathtime.
And as you can see, she only has one curly lock of hair at the back of her head.  But Fletcher and I both had such modest beginnings, so I'm not worried. 

She has already had a brush with fame.  Sorry, she doesn't do autographs.  Yet.
She can make you feel like you've won the lottery when she looks at you with those big blues and says, "love you, mama."  She can make you feel like you've lost a deal with the devil when she screams or throws herself on the floor in a full on tantrum. 

But I'll keep her anyway. 
I just wish I knew how to slow it all down.


  1. Awwwww, what a cutie patutie! Both of your kids are, actually!

  2. RUTHIE, THAT PICTURE OF YOU AND YOUR PRECIOUS DAUGHTER IS GORGEOUS! (The one where you're looking at the camera is the one I'm referring to, but they all are, actually).
    Anyway, it is clear to see that she is beautiful like her mama, and will be stunning when she is older. Her birthday buddy-ME!-is sooooo proud! What a smart cookie too! She is amazing all-around, and I love her!!!

  3. pretty cool that she made the front page! i think i even remember seeing that :). i'm looking through your blog and enjoying it very much :)


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