Thursday, November 17, 2011

something fun

This week's You Capture is something fun.  We're all about fun here.  Except when we're crying.  Or teething.  Or potty training.  Or whining.  Sigh.  BUT.  We do try and fit in the fun in between. 

Like blowing leaves.  Fletcher doesn't know better than to think this is just fun fun fun!
Of course after they're in a pile, he jumps in them, which is some real fun!
Sometimes it's fun to get a kiss from your big brother.  Sometimes.
It's fun to play dress up with papa's hat.
Eating left over Halloween candy = fun. 
And something fun that happened to this mama this past week?  A picture I took of Brian and Rowan ending up on the cover of


  1. Wow, congrats on your photo! And you still have Halloween candy. You guys have the will power of champions! =>

  2. Congrats on the photo on - so cool!

    And that pic in the hat - LOVE. Oh and the one on the swing too. Precious! All your shots this week are great! :)

  3. oh and the shoes came from Target. :)

  4. Oh my gosh! I loved every one of your 'fun' pics but getting the picture of your husband and baby on MSN homepage. THAT ROCKS! (And I love that your hubby is an Army guy - so are my sons!)


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