Tuesday, November 1, 2011

trick or treat!

Well.  Can I now say I am relieved that Halloween is over?  This Halloween was some WORK.  We decided we wanted to do homemade costumes this year.  What were we thinking?  It is perfectly fine to go buy a costume.  Perfectly fine.  But, I have to admit, the costumes turned out pretty well!  Although Fletcher did have to be taped into his.
And it looked homemade, that's for sure.  But it was made with love.  We painted bottle tops and empty fruit cups for buttons and knobs.  And of course there was a big light in front and back. 
And a light on top of his bowl, er, hat!
And of course duct work for the sleeves.  He could barely walk, but Fletcher loved it.
Rowan was Dorothy.  But she was not super excited about her costume.  She was fine with the dress and shoes.  (the dress, btw, is one of mine from when I was a baby)  But the yarn wig I stayed up late to hand sew?  Not so much.
She ripped it right off, even though I tried to secure it to her head with elastic.  Luckily someone else was more than willing to wear it.
Ain't he purty?  You only knew Rowan was Dorothy by her shoes.

And her basket and Toto, of course.
And the whole time we took pictures, Fletcher kept saying "Beep, boop, beep, boop!"  He was really into the whole robot thing.

 Can you believe those azaleas?  We even had a rose that fully bloomed for Halloween.
Back in Illinois, trick or treating was early.  Like from 4 to 7.  In our neighborhood down here, they start at sunset, which was about 6:30.  So we had to take these pictures earlier, then untape Fletcher's costume until later.  And Brian had to be back to class before 6.  So this mama was on her own for trick or treating.

It all started fine.  I turned out our porch light and got out the wagon to take the littles around the block.  I tried sending Fletcher up to the doors alone while I waited by the wagon with Rowan.  But it was bit like "A Halloween Story" with Fletcher's arms stuck straight out to the sides.  He face planted at every doorstep and couldn't get back up.  (Ralphie!  Wait!)  So I had to help him up the steps to every door, and Rowan did NOT like getting left behind.

So I then had to carry Rowan, and she didn't want back into the wagon after that.  Here's a little description for your own enjoyment:  I carried Rowan and held Fletcher's hand while trying to pull the wagon behind us.  Oh, and add to that holding out Fletcher's candy bag since he couldn't bend his arms.  Oy.  Needless to say, 5 houses took an eternity, and we were all exhausted after that.  Fletcher was very agreeable to go back home and hand out candy.  Thank GOD. 

We had a ton of trick or treaters, and gave out every piece of candy.  Fletcher would run to open the door and then scream "TRICK OR TREAT!!!!!" at the other children before they could say it themselves. 

It was a fun Halloween, and we all fell asleep as soon our little robot and Dorothy heads hit our pillows.


  1. You really impressed me with those homemade costumes! They were just adorable! Beep boop beep boop (robot for "awesome job!")

  2. Very, very cute robot! Five houses is admirable. And Fletcher doesn't care, so it's all good.

    I think Brian should wear that wig all the time. Super sexy. To you, of course.


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