Wednesday, November 23, 2011

baking beauties

My parents have been visiting, and we are gearing up to spend Thanksgiving with my mom's side of the family in North Carolina.  We've been doing all sorts of baking and cooking, with the help from the littles, of course.
Did you notice our short sleeves?  I had to go digging for summer clothes.  It was 80 degrees yesterday.  Not exactly cookie baking weather, but oh well. 

The littles love to help.  Mostly because their Gigi lets them eat marshmallows and chocolate chips along the way.  But notice how Rowan is helping to read the recipe here.
Fletcher requested double chocolate cookies.  I have no idea where he gets his love for chocolate.  It's weird.
Rowan didn't have any special requests, other than asking to eat all the ingredients.  But she paid very close attention. 
And she even helped a little, too.
They filled up a new cookie jar, and made a pan of Hello Dolly's.
And I made a bourbon chocolate pecan pie.  Man, oh man.  Excuse me while I go let out my pants.
It's going to be a very tasty Thanksgiving, indeed.  And we might even make it through dinner before all the dessert.

I know that some of you have been wondering what happened to me asking Fletcher what he is thankful for every day.  Well, the truth is that I have been doing it, but his answers got a little less colorful.  There was few days of being thankful for "Food, again." This was followed by an immense growth spurt on his part.  Now all his pants are floods.  And then we had more of being thankful for "Mama and Papa."  Which is all great, just not very entertaining.  And then most days he would throw his arms out wide with his palms up and say he was thankful for "Everything!"  How can you argue with that?  He's a thankful boy.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and enjoy your friends and family. Eat tasty food, relax, and make new memories.  And maybe throw your arms out wide and thank God for "Everything!"

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  1. Hello Dolly! Yum!!! Wish I were there! Love how the littles are baking with Gigi, that is precious! And how was that pie??? :)


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