Friday, November 11, 2011

thanks all around

It is Veteran's Day.  And I am feeling full up with thankfulness today for all the veterans that have served their country.  Especially the one I married. 
He was a brand new Lieutenant when we got married, but he had already served for years enlisted in the Army.  And now I feel like we've been in the Army forever.  And so I know exactly what a sacrifice it is to be a Veteran. 

It's a lot of work.  A lot of training.  A lot of super duper early mornings, and a lot of super duper late nights.  Some days are 18 hours of work.  Some days are 24 hours of work.  It's a lot of time away from family and loved ones.  It's a lot of months going by without seeing your children.  It's a lot of months going by without sleeping next to your spouse.  And it's a part of the job.  You sacrifice your own lifestyle and sometimes, unfortunately, your own life for your country.  And you do it all without complaint (mostly without complaint).

And despite all the time away, Brian manages to be the best dad I know to our littles.
 Thank you, Brian.  And thank you to all Veterans.  If you know any Veterans, be sure to thank them today.  They are the reason we have freedom to enjoy.

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  1. Super sweet post about your husband. Thank you, Brian.


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