Thursday, January 12, 2012


This week's You Capture theme is "morning."  Morning is actually my favorite time of day.  We wake up pretty slowly around here, and just ease into the day.
{yes, that would be a little shiner on the boy.  playground mishap.}
Some mornings we can barely make it down the stairs. 
But Fletcher is always kind enough to make sure I'm up early enough to catch the sunrise.  Thanks, Fletch.
We all wear jammies for as long as possible.  Sometimes they stay on through lunch if we don't have anywhere to be.
I stay in my jammies and drink lots of coffee.  And I usually have to reheat it about 50 times in the microwave. 
I drink my coffee, the littles drink a little juice...
And then we catch up on all the playing we missed while we were sleeping.


  1. Ha! Cute photos. I love the shot of him laying on the stairs.

  2. We always wear pajamas through until lunch too (unless there are morning errands, of course). Why not be super-comfy for the better part of the day? :)

    Love love LOVE your photos. They are always so much fun to look at!

  3. Looks just like our mornings here, although I prefer hot chocolate over coffee! :)

  4. I hear ya on reheating the coffee 50 times before I can drink it. Our mornings look very similar. Great photos!

  5. I'm so glad to see you enjoying time in your pjs, and the coffee looks delicioso! Wanna squeeze those cute cheeks! Beautiful sunrise!

  6. Great photos ..I love the shot of your coffee mug! I also love your little ones pajamas with the pigs on them. So sweet!

  7. That shot of the sky is simply beautiful!


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