Tuesday, January 31, 2012

procrastination thwarted again

I make a lot of lists.  I love to cross things off my lists.  It's the best part of making lists!  I have a list up in my office and things are getting crossed off!  It's like a miracle in my world.  I am the queen of procrastination.  But you know, New Years resolutions and all that.  So I've crossed off quite a few projects, and I'm really happy to say I've finally made something for my own daughter.  I've made a ton of onesies and shirts for other people's children, but I rarely get anything made for my own.  So I've moved my own littles up to the top of the list, and I've finally gotten around to making her a shirt.  Her first one.  Yes, I never made her a onesie.  The guilt.  THE GUILT.

So here it is!  If you know me, you know I am currently OBSESSED with birds, and it has spilled over onto Rowan.  Her bedroom is all birdy themed.  And I love it.
The shirt is from Target, and I used a pretty turquoise felt for the birdy. 
And here is Rowan wearing her shirt.  She's super excited about it!
Well, maybe not SUPER excited.  Actually, she was not in the mood to model.  She was in the mood for breakfast.
See?  Much happier once she got to eat.  And now I don't feel mama-guilt over not making her a shirt.  No, now I feel it for not making Fletcher a shirt!  It's next on my list, Fletcher, so don't worry.


  1. So cute!! I love the colors you chose. And yes, the little models loosen up a bit once they get their food. :)

  2. How adorable! That came out great- nice work :)

  3. I LOVE the birdie shirt! I would like an "angry birds" one. Put me on the list, please Queen P!! Just kidding, beautiful job. The colors are very vibrant and pretty just like your daughter.

  4. And she DOES look quite enthused.


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