Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a walk in the park

Sometimes life is a walk in the park.  You marry someone you love.  He loves you back.
You have a couple of cute kids, and love them so much you maybe consider a 3rd.  Maybe.
And sometimes it feels like you and your family can just sit back and generate love, and everything will fall into place. 
And sometimes it does.  And sometimes it doesn't.
Just when you think everything is clear sailing, something happens. 
Someone gets sick.  You don't sell that house that you invested time and money into.  You have to move.  Twice.  In 6 months.  You have to be far away from family and best friends.  Your dog dies.  You go on a cleanse diet and get cranky.  You get mad about something little.  Or maybe something big.  You lose patience.  You forget about the good parts, and only think about the bad parts.  And you feel like maybe, just maybe, you ARE alone.  But that's when you have to hold on a little tighter to what's important.
Because life can be a walk in the park. 
If you can just remember to hold on to what IS important.
And just let go of all the rest.


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  2. This is just beautiful. It reminds me of a storybook, and it reminds me of the anniversary poem I wrote, telling of this very love. It is so pure and so wonderful. I love you baby!!!


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