Wednesday, January 4, 2012

organizer needed

I'm serious.  If someone would just come and organize my stuff, I would love you forever.  Really.  Forever.  But you'd have to come and do it all over again when we move to Missouri, ok? 

I am organizationally challenged.  I love the feeling of being organized, but I'm really really bad at keeping the organizing going.  So here's another resolution for me- to get organized. 

I write little lists in all sorts of notebooks, and then I can't find the notebooks.  Or I can't find the right notebooks.  I find a notebook with a list from a year ago.  I have to make lists of menus for parties or I will forget a part of it and just not serve it.  I've done it numerous times.  Here's my menu for Christmas.  I thought I'd snap a picture before I erased it.
I had to consult the menu, and STILL almost forgot about the grapefruit on Christmas morning.  And speaking about Christmas, I thought I had everything packed away, but here is my dining room full of stuff that I just didn't see to pack away.  Cause I didn't have an organizational PLAN. 
And here, I am almost ashamed to show you, is my office/crafting space.  It is utter chaos.  Especially in the aftermath of the holidays.
I'm a mess.  I keep walking into the office, and then just turning back around because I don't know where to start.  But now I'm adding it to my resolutions!  Get organized, Ruthie!  *someone send help, please*

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  1. From one saver and dreamer to another, I feel for you. There is always the, "I'll get to that," and, "I'm sure I'll find a use for this." But, you will pack, consolidate, and toss things with another move in the near future, and I have faith in you, oh brave one!! :)


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