Friday, January 6, 2012

what's in my bag? your guess is as good as mine.

Have you ever seen any blogs post on what's in their bag?  Well, they're usually fun little posts about the pretty items that fashionable young things have in their purses.  They make me green with envy.  They always seem pretty organized for one thing, and they always have lots of nice makeup and nice sunglasses, and designer purses and wallets.  For examples, look here or here.  This is not going to be one of those posts. 

This is what is inside a real stay at home mom's purse. 
1.  My purse is some Target brand, circa 2006.  Yep, now that is fancy.  I do have to say that the lovely nylon exterior makes for quick clean up, and hey, it's still going strong after 6 years!
2. My little's vaccination records.  Cause we'll be on our 3rd pediatrician in 6 months once we move in the spring.  Plus in case of emergencies, I guess.
3.  A little tour book from our recent trip to Charleston.  Perhaps the only hint of life beyond being a mom in my bag.
4.  This nice little stack would be receipts, grocery lists, and coupons- mostly out of date coupons. 
5.  A notepad.  But as you may note, no pen.  Really, really handy, Ruthie.
6.  Anti-anxiety medication.  Yes, Tom Cruise, I take the drugs.  They keep me from having nervous breakdown in public when both children are screaming, spontaneously pooping, or having melt downs.  Oh, and let's not forget keeping me sane in the midst of trying to sell a house, and moving 2 times in 6 months.
7.  The wallet is also some Target brand, circa 2008.  Also holding up nicely with the strain of a thousand credit cards! 
8.  My *ahem* makeup.  That never gets used.  The powder is all crumbly, the lipstick is a nude shade that makes me look like death incarnate, but the burts bees chapstick?  Yes, that gets used.  There's also a little tub of lotion for my hands, a brush that I never use (I wear my wavy hair natural these days, yo) and a hairclip.
9.  Just loose coins, floating at the bottom of my purse, even though there is a coin pocket in my wallet.  Coated thoroughly with old gum.  Nice. 
10.  The gum.  That apparently sometimes goes astray and sticks to coins.  And also snacks for the littles, cough drops for me, and one hershey kiss.  Miraculously still wrapped.
11.  Also found floating in the lost corners of my bag: pez.

What is usually in my purse, but not here today:
1.  Cheap sunglasses.  But they were thrown out of a recent carriage ride by my dear little daughter. 
2.  At least one pen!  I usually keep stocked up, but there's a pen stealer afoot.
3.  Dum dum suckers for bribing the littles.  I obviously have been doing too much of it lately because I'm on empty.

And let's not forget that I usually lug around a diaper bag with even MORE glamorous items!  Thanks for following along with the little tour of my bag. 


  1. Hey! You're doing well to HAVE a purse! I just shove my wallet and phone into the front pocket of the diaper bag and call it good. And if I go out without the diaper bag? Well HAHAHA I don't go anywhere without the diaper bag. Which happens to be a backpack. Because I am super-fashionable. ;) Somehow, receipts seem to multiply in diaper bags too though. ;)

  2. I agree with the previous commentor, jenn. You've got lots of essentials in there and the purse is way cute. My hefty insanely cumbersome saddle bag, which I'm calling my purse, is filled with other multiple smaller bags, ranging from plastic, to paper, to cloth. Some house vitamins and creams, some hold books, papers, and magazines, and some even have random stuff like serving spoons(given back to
    me at least two weeks ago from a bbq) and half-eaten bags of snacks. Just call me flipppin Mary
    Poppins. Thanks for sharing.
    Love, your friend karen, aka, the "bag lady."
    Xo, yo.

  3. Ha! Thanks girls for making me feel "normal." You know, mommy-normal.


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