Tuesday, July 10, 2012

family vacation

Brian had a few days off last week for the 4th, so we decided to go back home to visit family.  And if you didn't notice, I haven't been posting on Mondays.  Call it summer hours, I guess.  We just jam our weekends with so much, I barely have time to catch my breath come Monday!  This weekend *might* be less hectic, so Monday might happen.  Might, I say. 

Anyway, I'm about to do a photo dump on you.  Of our families.  You're welcome.
Rowan and cousin Mckenzie at the piano.
Rowan and Fletcher with cousins Mckenzie and Connor: who is the tallest?
Snuggling/reading with Grandma.
All 4, and all 4 with Great-Grandma!
Rowan loving on Great-Grandma's cat.  This picture kills me.
 Saying goodbye.  Biting?
Fletcher learns about all the fun stuff Grandpa has in his shop.
At my parent's 4th of July party.  You can see how they react when I tell them to stand together and pretend they love each other.  They are cute, no?

Hope everyone else had a great holiday, too.  Ours was full of family, friends and fun!


  1. Amazing Post! Love the Pictures with the great Grandma :)
    The Pics shows a happy Family :)


  2. Absolutely adorable pics! Too cute for words, the whole gaggle~*

  3. What a lovely family- and I love those portraits of your parents- so sweet!

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  5. I love, love, love the sweetness between the boys! And family love all around. Precious. <3


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