Wednesday, July 11, 2012

the ten.4

1.  Rowan is turning into quite the artist.  I've gotten her steered away from here:
and over to here:
And her masterpieces are getting better and better!
I know.  I have mom eyes, but I love each one!  I could paper the walls with her pictures. 
2.  On our trip back home, Brian and I started listening to the book (audio book) Beautiful Ruins.  We were a little optimistic about how that trip would go, I guess.  But the few hours we DID listen to were so sweet and funny!  We both laughed the whole time.  Can't wait for our next road trip to hear some more.
3.  I've been craving salads a lot lately- probably due to the heat.  I do love a hearty salad.  One of my favorites that I've found is an Avocado Black Bean Salad and this Watermelon Salad looks amazing- I'm going to try it (found this lovely lady through a mutual friend- she has a very tasty blog, indeed!).
4.  I have a weakness for white eyelet on little girls.  And I know a little girl that would RUIN the crap out of a white eyelet dress.  But I still like to look and say "awwwww...."  So sweet.  On a little girl that never moves, that is.
5.  My goals for the weekend don't really match up with our plans to stay home and relax.  The stay at home part, yes.  But I'd like to plant some seeds (late), work on a little indoor project, and also get a little painting done.  Oh!  And I have some (self-imposed) back orders on embroidery.  I'm looking at you, new baby Jackie!
6.  I'm catching up on Girls on hbo go right now, on the recommendation of a friend.  It makes me laugh pretty hard because of all the inappropriate humor.  It's highly inappropriate, which makes is all uncomfortable and hilarious at the same time.  True. 
7.  I love watching my children sleep.  It's not stalkery when it's your own children, so don't worry.  But.  Rowan sleeps like I do- lightly.  You creak the door an inch and she is up and talking a million miles a minute.  But Fletcher.  He sleeps like a ROCK.
Brian took this picture, and at the time, he was pretty paparazzi.  But Fletcher didn't even flinch.  He's a cutie, right?
8.  Same friend as the Girls recommender introduced me to Pacing the Panic Room.  If you are a parent, go read it, starting here.  (hand-bra, ha!)
9.  My neighbor keeps bringing me produce.  I can't keep up with all the vegetables!  I'm going to make a huge amount of soup and then freeze it I think.  There are only so many ways to make zucchini!
10.  The other morning when Fletcher woke up, he came into my bed and we both looked out the open window.  I asked him what he could hear.
Fletcher: Birdies chirping.  And the leaves laughing.
Me: Why are the leaves laughing?
Fletcher: Because the wind is tickling them!
I need to start carrying around a recording device to capture all the amazing/funny things he says!


  1. Wow that is some serious wall art she's working on! Her drawings are very cool though, love all of the different colors. Wyatt also is such a light sleeper that I can't really watch him sleep. He will sleep away like a champ if no one bothers him but the second I open the door it's all over!

  2. Hehe, oh how I can relate to that first pic - we had such a time as well..! :-D I agree; salad is great when it´s hot outside! :-)

  3. "stay home and relax" weekends are generally my busiest times too LOL-- love your aspiring da Vinci's work & the adorable stories that go with it {& wait, you embroider?? I'm so jealous!}

  4. Hey! I know that friend! She may also be mentioned in #3. ;)


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