Thursday, July 5, 2012

home tour: Rowan's room

The only room in the house that I feel is pretty much "finished" is Rowan's room.  I would not share any other room on here yet.  I may share more as I progress, but I'm just not there yet.  I recently painted her rug (I've been on a rug painting kick, I guess!) and that was the last thing on my list for her room.  Rowan likes her room.  She spends happy time in there looking at books and tucking her animals into her little toy cradle.  And I like it, too.  It's a mix of new and old, and there are a lot of touches from my own childhood that make me happy to see every day.
bedding: pottery barn; curtains: fuzzymama; rug: target (painted)
For example, the Mary and Child lithograph hung over my crib as a babe.
My mom made the quilt and pillow that are on the rocker.  And I talked about making the doily hanging with the artwork here
My good friend, Kelly, made the pennant banners for Rowan.  I love that they each tie together so that I can mix it up.  They've been hung a different way in each of the 3 bedrooms Rowan has had in her short little life.  They're a bit high, but I don't want Rowan yanking them down.  She's a yanker.  And a Yankee. 
I made the birdy mobile back when I was pregnant with Fletcher and on modified bed rest.  I actually made 2 others for pregnant friends, too.  I was boooored.  And nesting in the only way I was allowed!  So it is technically Fletcher's mobile, but he's letting Rowan borrow it.  Indefinitely, I imagine.
The little cradle and the bench with the play clock and phone sitting on it were both made by my dad for me.  So Rowan's room is really filled with lots of little treasures that were made with love.  I love that about her room.


  1. Here I am! Commenting on the blog instead of facebook! So I love the birdy blankets and the mobile is certainly great too. But the curtains might be my favorite. Those are very pretty and will grow with Rowan! LOVE!

  2. Oh its so sweet!! A little haven for her-- so peaceful-- lovely job!

  3. It is a lovely room and I really enjoyed Rowan's pizza party with all her animals arranged on the rug while we were visiting. I love the way you mix it up.

  4. It looks so peaceful and sweet. I love all of the colors and details- wonderful!

  5. Oh what a sweet room. You have a great eye. If I were to try to mix old and new it would just look jumbled. But you did a wonderful job. I can see why she likes it so much!

  6. Fantastic!!! Its so warm and cozy. I love the mobile!!! and of course, the curtains!


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