Friday, July 6, 2012

the latest loot

I have definitely found a place I like to frequent in our town for thrift/antique goods.  And I definitely love to share it when friends and family come to visit.  So of course I took my friend, Jo, when she and her family visited last weekend!  We only had one problem- we have similar taste.  Ok, we may have had another problem.  We encouraged each other to buy stuff.  Which is FUN!  At one point I held up a slightly rusted egg basket and we both admired it. 

Me: But what would I USE it for?
Jo: Um... holding stuff!
Me: Like?
Jo: Uh, toys?
Me: Well, it's a bit rusty, so unless I want the kiddos to get tetanus...
Jo: Uh, you could use it outside?
Me: For?
Jo: Hmmm.  Gardening tools?

You can see how we operate.  We like it.  We want it.  We ask the other person to talk us into it.  It works for us.   {Full disclosure: I didn't get it.  Now I regret not getting it!  Cause I might get chickens, right?  Jo!  We forgot about using the egg basket for eggs!}

Onto the stuff I DID get.  One of my favorite finds was this pristine chenille bed cover.  I don't think Brian is in love with it.  But I told him it was for him:  Captain and Chenille.  Get it?  Cause he's a Captain... and the blanket is chenille... it sounds like Captain and Tennille...nevermind.
I love that green.  And it is in perfect condition.  Next up, a couple children's books.  The first because I love me some Danny Kaye (not to mention the darling illustrations), and the second because I thought Fletcher would get a kick out of a book about a dog named Fletcher.  He does, by the way.
I got a small embroidered table cover, and a handful of hankies for an upcoming project.
I loved this Pepsi box for extra storage, and I found a great, sturdy as all get out pastry cutter.
I grabbed this little chair for Rowan, and she's currently dragging it from room to room to use it.  I think it's a hit.
This beautiful crewel pillow cover will look great with the new chenille bedspread, no?
And I love amber glassware.  Add hobnails, and I'm a sucker for it.
I thought this little tapestry clutch with the tortoiseshell handle would be perfect for date nights.  I usually run out at the last minute with my mom purse.  Nothing is sexier on a date with your husband than diapers falling out of your purse. 
And when I admired this rooster bell, Jo bought it for me as a hostess gift.  So nice!  I can't wait to mount it by the back door.  And she gave me a sweet memory of her own with the bell.  Her family had a bell outside their door that she and her sibling got to ring when something fun/proud/successful happened in their lives.  I think that's a great idea, and our little rooster is going to be our new "something to crow about" bell.  Fletcher is already taken with it!
I did get one other GREAT gem that I will share with you maybe next week, when I put it to it's re purposed use.  Is that a tease?  Good.  Jo got some great treasure, too, but she took her stuff home with her.  Darn!


  1. Ewlala I like the green blanket and the book is a great find too but I think my favorite is the clutch! You need to go shopping more, I think these posts are my favorite!

  2. Great finds! Love the Pepsi storage box...very useful:) Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Cool Stuff! Love each one :)

    Have a great Weekend Ruthie xoxo

  4. I like your findings - and good to be cheered on when buying stuff! ;-)

  5. Oh wow! Where on earth do you thrift & can you encourage them to come out here to Tennessee?? I see what you did there with the Capt and Chenille thing-- I guess "love will keep you together" even if the bedspread doesn't {get it?

  6. Great finds! That's a great haul and I'm sure you had do much fun finding everything too.

  7. Love the bedspread and the bell! My sister and I will thrift shop together when we can. Luckily, she likes clothes while I like dishes. She totally encourages me to buy everything.


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