Thursday, December 20, 2012

first snow

Guys, I love snow.  I know I'm in the minority, but I love it.  I think there is something so magical and beautiful about it, and the way it can blanket sharp corners into soft curves is just lovely.  And this time of year, I am as anxious as a kid with a new sled for the first snow.  And finally, FINALLY, it snowed today!  Just a scant amount, barely covering the grass, but it completely counts in my book.  Growing up on Lake Michigan, I got my fair share of snow as a child.  Snow forts, snowmen, sledding, cross country skiing all took up our time all winter long.  But it seems that Missouri (at least my neck of the woods) gets a lot less.  In fact, I've been told by the Missourians that it does snow a bit during the winter, but rarely sticks.  I'm hoping for enough for the kiddos to sled at least a couple times this winter.  After a winter last year without snow in South Carolina, I'm ready for some snow!

So yes, I got so excited for the snow today that I ran out the door with my camera and snapped a few pictures.  Rowan joined me, and got to see the first snow that she will perhaps remember.  She loved it. catching flakes on her hands, sticking out her tongue for snow to land, and shuffling her feet around in it.  The wind was wicked, so we didn't stay out long.  But we reveled in the white stuff for a while, watching the wind whip our bamboo forest around like a field of wheat instead of 20 feet of strong bamboo.  If you live anywhere north of my latitude, I'm sure these pictures are quite less than impressive.  But I'm going to share anyway, so enjoy!
Do you love or dread the snow?  Or both?


  1. Well, I've said it before, but I really really love. We are so down that there's no snow here. We had plans to go skiing on Christmas Day but that's pointless now :( BTW I love that I now have a full weather report all over the globe from blogs and instagram. James is usually captain weather, and tonight he mentioned the Midwest was getting a storm and I could say, 'oh yeah I know... not too much snow though'. My inside track :)

  2. Love it! And I think it's going to be a White Christmas around here too. Snow, snow, snow, snow! chicka chick chicka chick chicka chick. I'm gonna wash my hair with snow! And the best part about CO is that the sun comes out and warms everything up.

    P.S. love that picture of the lone snowflake falling on your porch. That's really something special.

  3. We have our first real snow too!! Not much, just a dusting really-- but its on the ground. It just makes everything look beautiful, doesn't it??

  4. A snowball's chance in "you-know-where" is the likelihood that I'll see snow this Christmas, but hey, it HAS happened here. The coldest nights only bring a bit of frost, and not even enough to scrape off and make a sno-cone. :( It's funny, our neighbors have been covering their bushes and trees in case it "freezes" overnight. I heard too that there was going to be lots of snow for the midwest so I hope you get your share, and that your little ones get to play and sled in it, or at least make snow angels!

  5. I'm with you, I LOVE snow. When I say that, Steve says, "Yeah, but that's because you don't have to do PT in it." Touche. But I'm still allowed to love it! And I do! Obviously I'll probably never see any (last year in Tuckassee was disappointing to say the least, and this year doesn't look any more promising), but a girl can dream. Hope y'all get a nice big snowstorm soon! ;)

    Also, LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos. They are seriously gorgeous.

  6. love love love snow so quite and white. The first snow seems to make it feel like the world stops. The only snow I dislike is last leaving snow. Its the complete opposite ,dirty and messy. Merry Christmas to you and your husband and the little lovies. Paula


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