Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 in review

We had a busy busy 2012.  We moved across the country, celebrated birthdays and holidays, started school, and explored our new home state.  It was maddening, fun, and exhausting.  Here's to a more relaxed 2013.  Ha!  Here are a few of my favorite pictures/events from the past year.

We'll be taking a trip to Brian's parents to celebrate Christmas late, so I won't be back until late next week.  See you next year!  Have a happy New Year!

We rang in 2012 in beautiful Charleston.
We took trips to the zoo last winter, since South Carolina has such a mild winter.
We loved each other a lot.
I rang in my 34th year in Savannah with family.
We celebrated favorite feast days.
Brian turned 40!!
Rowan turned 2!
 We moved into a new house with an amazing blooming yard.
We explored our new town.  And danced in the streets.
Fletcher turned 4!!
We visited with best friends.
 We used the pool all summer long.
 Fletcher started school!  And Rowan started a few months later too.
We loved Fall in the Ozarks.
Halloween was extra fun this year.
And we loved Santa.
Here's to a happy 2013!  Cheers.


  1. Rowan looks so tiny in the early 2012 pictures! Cute CUTE kids. Just wanna squeeze 'em. Hope y'all have fun with the out-laws and have a great time ringing in 2013! ;)

  2. Oh my goodness, that was a wonderful recap! Have a great time on your visit with B's folks, and travel safely! Tell hello to them for me! The littles will have fun playing with cousins, I'm sure. Maybe you and B can sneak away for a night. See you next year! What will 2013 have in store...? xo

  3. Beautiful photos! What a great way to remember the highlights of the year. I'm tempted to do it too, but I'm probably too lazy! Enjoy your late Christmas and have a very Happy New Year!

  4. Cheers to you and 2012! What a wonderful year. Y'all seem like such a fun and loving family! Thank you for sharing them with us! xoxo

  5. I love this retrospective. And it would be such a good idea to print them all and make yourself a "yearbook." In fact, I think you've just given me an idea! Although considering I have two mostly blank baby books I wonder if it will ever happen...Peace and love to you in the New Year. xoxo

  6. Oh wow, look how much the kiddo's have grown! It's been a delight following along this year and looking forward to the next one. Glad you guys have had a good holiday so far, safe travels!

  7. Happy New Year!! So happy to be able to follow your beautiful family last year-- & here's to a phenomenal 2013!


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