Monday, December 3, 2012

tree hunt

Over the weekend we went searching for a Christmas tree. It was a long search as it turns out. We went in hopes of finding a tree farm experience, but the tree farms that were close to us had been shut down. So while the littles were losing patience, Brian and I decided that getting a tree at Lowes would have to do. We had a long morning going out for breakfast and our town's Christmas parade, so we were running out of happy toddler time. Brian was happy at Lowes pretending that we could fit a 12 ft tree in our house. And the littles were happy pretending to ride the tractors. And I was happy because we got a tree to take home that I thought looked perfect. As it turns out, it's not so perfect now that it's up at home, but we're making it pretty with lights and ornaments!

Do you put up a real tree? Fake? Or both like me?


  1. We always get a real tree - my parents have this awful old plastic one though and love it... Can´t believe they got a daughter like me, our taste differ to say the least..! :-D

  2. Matching cuties! We keep it real. For a long time my fake-tree-loving cousin tried to guilt me by saying the fake one's were better for the environment, then they released all these studies showing the real one's are way better so now I have the bragging rights. We thought about taking the plunge this week-end but are holding off one more week.

    Your tree looks great on the dolly, why is it not so perfect?

  3. A twelve foot tree!?! It will look gorgeous in your home, I'm sure. Last year I bought one and once I got it home realized it was lopsided. But it turns out my floor is slanted so it actually worked great! Sometimes a little "crooked" just fits our lifestyle better than perfect does, you know?

  4. The pictures from "tree hunting" look like they could make a storybook. I love Brian's black pants, he really can do the "skinny" look. I'm glad you all found a real tree. It will be absolutely grand. I'm pretty sure the combination of our arid climate, my love for fire and candles, and a real tree would equal one big catastrophe. But I LOVE the smell. When I was little, we always had real ones, until our cat Bullwinkle came along, who was allergic to the pine and lost all his hair at Christmastime. Then we switched.
    Beautiful photos! Hope Rowan is feeling more like herself today. xo

  5. We're going with a felt tree this year, although when someone else is here to water it and do general dead-tree-maintenance, I go for real trees every time. ;)

    So you got the 12-footer, right? ;)

  6. We usually go to the tree farm, but we have had a couple of desperate Home Depot years. It's hard to even find the time to go to the farm on the weekend. We were all set to go on Sunday and I felt sick (and it was raining buckets). Next weekend my son has a basketball tournament, but we are going to try to squeeze it in!

  7. These photos are so awesome! I LOVE your Brian with the giant tree. You totally needed that one - lol! I am fake tree all the way. I know! But they're so easy. They don't die before Christmas day and they come with all their lights on already. My Brian hated it at first, but he's gotten used to the fake-ness and now thinks it's a pretty sweet deal!


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