Thursday, January 24, 2013

space invaders

Almost 5 years ago now, I had a grown up house.  We had precious items down on low shelves, cabinets with glass fronts, and special books laid out on side tables.  And then children happened.  I took a page from my mom's book, and put away only the most special items, and taught my children that some things are "no touch."  But it's hard to tell them not to touch books, and glass front cabinets?  Oh my heart just seized at the thought of them tumbling into one while playing.  So things got put away.  Things got tucked up on high shelves.  And our house slowly became a children's house.  Don't get me wrong, I love that the littles can play almost anywhere in our house, and I don't mind toys.  I really don't.  But some days I look around, and I feel like these little people have come into my grown up house as space invaders.  Some days I look around, and there seem to be toys EVERYWHERE.  And it's hard to find a space of my own.  Even my bedside table is currently littered with tiny little toys.
Yes, even places that are supposed to be "grown up" spaces are left with a Candy Land game.  Or Pokey the horse.
 And when I try to get organized and keep a chore calendar for our family, little fingers come by and erase it.  I haven't been able to do a chore since, ha!
I gather all the toys up, help the littles put them all away, and make some spaces "grown up" again.  But it only lasts until tomorrow.


  1. Amen sister! We are *just* growing out of the baby gate, door knob locks, never a tablecloth, phase. It's both a challenge and a joy.

  2. Wait until you hit the sports equipment stage {nothing like tripping over a soccer ball at 2am}...and the wearing-cleats-on-the-wooden-floor-despite-being-threatened-with-bodily-injury stage...and the backpacks-belong-wherever-I-drop-them gets worse lol

  3. Oh, Ruthie. I hear you loud and clear on this. Jackie is only 7 months and already the invasion has begun. I have laundry baskets that have become temporary toy catchers for now, but it seems like the stuff is everywhere. I love the little lift up wooden puzzle thing (I think I got that for Fletch) that is currently being used as a wooden people hostel. Love that. The humor and personalities of you and Brian are just oozing into your children and quite frankly, it amuses me so.

  4. I guess it depends on what you can tolerate. I don't mind kids toys around during the day but when I sit down to relax after the kids go to bed, I don't want a toy in my sight. ;)

  5. It can be tough to keep the toys from taking over. We still have a lot of 'grown up' stuff out, and for the most part W is pretty respectful (which I think has more to do with his temperament than my child rearing), but the toys do get to me. We put them away each night, but away is still visible and I'd say we're at maximum capacity. I dread the thought of a single additional toy :)

  6. Such a poignant picture essay. I love all the persoanlity in it.


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