Thursday, January 17, 2013

the ten.7

1.  I painted Rowan's nails for the first time last week.  She loves to play with my nail polish bottles, so I thought she would have asked before then, but it was the first time she asked.  She was very excited, but did not get the concept of waiting for them to dry.  So her first manicure wasn't exactly best.
She was pretty happy anyway.
2.  The paperwhites I planted to bloom at Christmas are in full bloom.  Late, but beautiful.  And their scent is so lovely.
3.  Can't. Stop. Eating. Citrus.  Fruits.  Tis the season!  They are my favorite, and between the clementines, blood oranges, and meyer lemons, I'm in winter fruit heaven.
4.  I made the mistake of buying a children's record at a thrift store recently. It has classics such as 10 Little Indians, The Farmer and the Dell, and The Bunny Hop.  Now I get to listen to AND dance to The Hokey Pokey no less than 10 times a day.  Rowan loves it.  And it may have to disappear for a while...
5.  My littles have switched appetites.  Fletcher used to be in the clean plate club (not that I force that here) and Rowan ate like a bird.  Well, recently, Fletcher has been eating about half as much, and Rowan has turned into a MACHINE.  The girl ate 3 slices of bread AFTER her lunch yesterday.  THREE.  She's tiny, and I have no idea where she's putting it!  Her belly is rounding out nicely, though.  She was always a chubby baby, but then just thinned out at 18 months, and has barely eaten since.  So I'm not complaining!
6.  I put up a couple Valentine decorations.  I was planning on more, but I've been busy making other things.  I had these up for a week before Fletcher noticed.  I guess after all the Christmas it IS a bit underwhelming.
7.  Nothing beats a sunset on the beach, but winter sunsets can be really pretty.
8.  Has your family been sick all winter?  We've been battling with colds since October, thanks to the germ fest that preschool has turned out to be.  Julie's post on winter health is something you'll want to bookmark if the answer is yes.  So much great, natural health tips here.  Seriously, go read it.
9.  This boy.
His latest Fletcherism: After I kissed his cheek while tucking him into bed, he asked me, "Will this kiss stay on forever, or will it wash away in my bath tomorrow?"  He kills me with his sweetness.
10.  Speaking of Fletcher, I just found out that Amtrak partners with National Park Services to provide "Heritage Appreciation" during your ride.  It could include rangers dressed in historical attire or musical entertainment.  How fun is that?  I think we may plan on doing a weekend trip this summer.  If you're interested in it near you, check it out here.


  1. The train ride sounds like a win! And go Rowan, learning the value of a good carb while having pretty nails.

  2. Too cool about the train--we've been wanting to do a train trip. Love the Fletcherisms & congrats to Rowan's first {attempted} manicure!

  3. Great pictures, expressions, and fun memories! Love the "10" posts. They are random and that works very well with my brain patterns. xo

  4. I didn't put polish on my girl until she asked either. Why get into that if you don't have to? Mine still won't sit still long enough for it to dry. Beware, she may become a snack monster now like my girl. She cannot be satisfied. ;)


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