Tuesday, January 29, 2013

the things he says part 3

I've actually been better about remembering some of the funny things Fletcher says, thanks in part to Instagram and my hash tag #fletcherisms.  I have a neat little compiling now.  I tell you, four years old is turning out to be one of my favorite ages.  Don't get me wrong, they're all pretty great so far, but some of the conversations I have with Fletcher just slay me.
He walked around yesterday with only one sock because according to him, "One of my toes got hot.  Just this one here (pointing to his little toe)."
This stick became a light saber, a pogo stick, and a walking stick in a one minute time frame.  He has some imagination, this one.
Fletcher told me yesterday that he has 5 jobs.  Here is his 5 point job plan:
1. Drive trains "No, not real ones, silly mama.  Just toys ones."
2. Share my toys with Rowan and with the kids at school
3. Love everyone
4. Play
5. Be a happy boy
 He says he runs faster if I sing/hum the theme to Superman.  Or the theme to Chariots of Fire will do in a pinch.
 He loves to tell me his dreams in great detail, and they usually include trains, vehicles, or an adventure we all went on as a family.  Once in a while he'll have a dream about zombies (why do other kids know about this to tell him at school?  At four?) but he tells me they aren't real, so I shouldn't worry.
When we say prayers at night, I try and get him to say, "God Bless" for each family member and friend we know.  But he will say, "No, no, mama.  God Bless everyone in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD."  I'm not sure if he's just trying to shorten prayer time, but it's just too sweet to me.


  1. Sweet little guy, they are treasures for sure those kiddos! :-)

  2. He sounds like a dream - so sweet and thoughtful. Adorable pics too! :)

  3. Ruthie, this post was so tender and precious it made me tear up and smile all at once. The pictures of him running are super. I can't believe he is such a big boy. And those green eyes! Four is my favorite age for you too, Fletcher. X O X O

  4. Just safely covering all his bases on the prayer time. That is so so thoughtful and sweet, not wanting to leave anyone out (even if it is just a shortening plan). On the face of you and Brian, Fletcher is the "wink." He is so clever, and reassuring. I love that little boy! Great pictures too!

  5. he is so handsome. and his heart! so beautiful. every new age is my new favorite and it's nice to hear that that feelings just keeps up as they get older.

  6. That running picture is the best picture of all time. Even better than the frozen stick and berries.

  7. These are wonderful photos! He's so sweet. I'm kind of excited about four - it's coming up so soon! I think I'm going to like it too.

  8. Such a sweet boy, and he is getting so big! Also, how can there've anything close to t-shirt weather right now?! We're freezing.


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