Friday, January 4, 2013

snow babies

We got back into town late Tuesday evening, and I've sat at my computer at least 3 times since to write up a blog post.  But I have the blahs.  I think it's just that after holidays, back to school/work, have a large amount of decorations to take down blues.  Anyone else?  It was a great Christmas season, with so many friends and family, and now I'm back to living far from those I love best, and with winter stretching as far as my eye can see.  Don't get me wrong, I love snow.  But the gray slushies that are around here are a far cry from snow...  Oh boy!  What a complainer I am!

Let's just move along, and I'll share the snow and family pictures from our visit to Indiana.  I can't complain when I had such a great vacation with our family.  I got to spend time with Brian's family, my brother's family, and even got a visit in with friends.  Can't complain when I look at it that way!

Brian's dad made the truck in this picture for Fletcher (and one for cousin Connor) and the Ferris wheel for Rowan (and cousin Mckenzie, too!)  Aren't they amazing??  So gorgeous, and the littles all had fun taking the people in and out of the truck and wheel, dumping loads of rocks from the trucks, and taking turns spinning the Ferris wheel at frightening speeds.
 The littles all played together so so well.  I love seeing the cousins play together.
We visited my brother's family, too.  My brother made the most amazing brunch spread, and we ate way too much!  My beautiful nieces kept our littles entertained and happy, so we were able to relax and chat away the morning and afternoon.  And all the guys wore the Star Wars nerd shirts I had made them.  It made this mama happy!
 Their house was decked to the nines for Christmas.  More trees and lights than I have ever seen!
And then there was the snow.  Hold on, I have a load of pictures for you here.
Sledding with Uncle Chris and cousins!  We all went down the sledding run, which kind of veered off in one direction.  So some of us ended up in the brush, including the brambles.  But no major injuries.  It was the first time I've sledded in years, and I wanted to go over and over.  Rowan was done after just a couple runs, so I took her in for a nap.  
 Rolling a snowman!
 Poor Connor got a little scratched up from sledding into the bramble patch over and over again.
Goofballs, I tell ya.  We even played in the snow at night.  That, my friends, is dedication to snow.
I couldn't stop kissing and squeezing the littles cold pink cheeks when we got back inside.  It was like reliving my childhood through my own kids.  How special is that?
It was such a good time.  I'm ready to go back home right now!


  1. Looks like a gorgeous time! Those wooden toys are just stunning-- adore the ferris wheel {I want one!}. Wish we had more snow...sigh.

  2. Gorgeous pictures of you and the kids in the snow. And those toys your father-in-law made are amazing! You go ahead and complain girl. It's okay! We will listen. January is one of the hardest let-down plus lots more dismal winter to come (at least around here!). Treat yourself to a warm beverage and a sweet snack. That always helps me. :)

  3. Those are some TREMENDOUS pictures, Ruthie!! Well worth the wait! I was wondering, does the ferris wheel accomodate "little people" or did he make his own little wooden people too???!! Wow, the talent. I can see where Brian gets it. Plus your Dad, you have it on both sides! Great to see all the fun and merriment, and I know how you feel. I wasn't excited about the taking down/putting away either. You'll get there. Love ya! Welcome back! Even though we're far, this is my artery to you!

  4. These pictures are winter wonderland wonderful. I do love them. Larry did an amazing job on those toys. They will be special for generations. A lot of love went into those. Hang in there. The blahs will pass and you will be on to the next projects. Thanks for posting the pictures. We still have that fresh ache from when we leave the kids. We loved that they said they wanted us to come play with them today. Lots of love,

  5. Those toys are amazing!!! And to have the sentimental value too.. incredible. Obviously I'm crazy jealous over your snow fun. But I'm super happy you got to enjoy so much of it! Your family's house looks so cozy and happy and um, I kinda wanna visit them too! ;)

    If you need a post-Christmas trip to the wonderful world of not-even-slush-but-a-little-bit-of-frost-on-the-windshield, then I think you know where to go. (HERE) I'll make something from scratch for the occasion (probably fudge). Happy new year Ruthie!!

  6. Looks like a great trip and like you all made the most of that snow. That's one impressive snowman from a couple inches of coverage! Rowan also is like a perfect little doll. Baby model!


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